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What type of Gambler are you?


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You have probably heard that there some basic types of gamblers, 





Which type are you and why?

I think I am something between conservative and serious, I say so because I am aware of my budget but in the other hand I seek that big win also in different ways sometimes!

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I am..well have no idea, playing online for about 10 years and more offline...

I dont belive I "fit" inn a category exept Insane or 48% Normal...

I can just 4 fun do max bet on slots, hit it hard and soft att Roulette or just relax inn poker and go all inn all the time in Turbo Bounty....

I always set a limmit for myself before playing, the chash deposited I dont thik about I am all inn for winning and I dont consider withdrawing before I winn att least 1500 Euro up, more like 4000....nuts I know but when I play I play for getting bigger monney than withdraw what I deposited, like x 10-40 times...uppwards...have yet to get a real Progressive Jackpot....maybe sometimes in the next 10 more years :)

Nothing is impossible, the impossible only take some time.
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hey that players of poker, I follow the players on the table carefully on trying to read them on they are much easier when the purchase is higher than freeroll tournaments on the cheap .... on sports conditioning is often how I shape is the day of the Law on playing there after so is probably an average player.

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