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500 followers reached on Ian Simpsons stream.


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Today has been a great day for Ian Simpson and the mods on his stream. Today Ian managed to reach the magic 500 followers button during his live stream today. Not bad to say Ian really hasn't been streaming all that long. Would like to thank everyone who's interacted in chat and pressed the follow button, it's much appreciated. I know Ian will be buzzing that he managed to reach the magic number. It hasn't always been easy to get people to tune in, but it's growing. 

If you are on facebook please check out Ian's poker page which is Ian Simpson Poker and also on twitter @iansimpsonpoker. There are give aways not only on the stream but also on the facebook page, and twitter feed. If you've not signed up to facebook or twitter it doesnt take that long. 

Looking forward to what unibet has instore for the 500 followers on ians stream. 

Also don't forget to follow thechiprace, Unibet, dklappin, Davitsche and the other streamers for information and competitions away from the twitch chat. 

Good luck to everyone and run golden. 

D.Angel x 


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I do not want to open new thread, so I will post in this one.

In yesterday's 600 euro GTD Ian Simpson 500 followers MTT, I finished 5th.stand.thumb.png.3dbcd6d38d9232d1ece955e533baf927.png

 In the twitch chat were announced:773065711_twitchchat.png.1bf60ac8e8d8970d47b391f65b66fdb6.png

 And today I have received:1711025874_receivedticket.png.646511e7401a4a80911d0ced4e39fe4c.png

 It should be 50 EO ticket I think or I am wrong ?










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