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Going from sitting out to sitting in doesn't update in tournaments

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When someone is sitting out and sits back in during a hand, they will still appear as sitout sometimes till the next action is completed by a player and sometimes not even then. I believe this happens because there is no transmission to let the table know that someone has sat in, and it uses the next act or pturn payload to update, which in cashgames is a fine implementation because you don't get dealt in if you're sitout, but in tournaments you are dealt in and you can sit in in the middle of a hand. This bug is pretty impactful especially in Hexapros and HU sng, since you're in a situation where you have to raise against the sitout and surprise, the opponent hasn't been sitting out the entire time. For an average player this can look like either the site is full of angleshooting players, and nobody likes playing on a site full of cheaters, or it looks like the graphics can't be trusted, and trust is kind of important. 

In tournament formats (MTT SNG hexapro) would it be possible to send something like a sitoutChanged payload to the entire table the moment someone pressed the sit in button and have the table use that to update everyone (while keeping the current way of updating as a fallback)? Sending chat emotes has the capability of sending a payload to the entire table the moment you click something, so I imagine this should be possible too. 

sitoutChanged could be similar to tupdate where d[0][2] uses a similar code 0 = empty seat; 1 = sat in; 4 = sat out; 5 = sitting in (this case if they already folded the current hand but could also just be 1 sit in)  but without the irrelevant 2 3 and 6, or even a more simplified payload like the bounties payload, or just a delta with the player that sat in.  


Here's 2 video examples of the bug, the player times out, the next hand he is sitout, I wait for him a bit, he is still sitout, I raise, and the moment I raise against the sitout that will be an autofold,  he's back, and now he's calling or raising. That's because he was already back for a while, it just never got displayed until I made my move. That's a very bad bug optically and really messes with the flow of a game in every tournament format but especially in shorthanded ones like hexapro and sng.






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