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Audio gone until restart

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When disconnecting an audio output device either intentionally to switch devices or accidentally by moving a cable or battery for bluetooth headset running out) and reconnecting it Unibet completely loses audio with no way to regain it until you restart the software. It's the only app that does this. As you can see in the videos Unibet has no audio, while Stars recovers audio immediately without pressing any buttons.

I've tried everything to recover audio on unibet without restarting, every in client audio setting, mute unmute, force the default audio device in windows, removed and readded the device, enabling and disabling the device, different headset, different PC.  

Sometimes, albeit rare, the client starts with no audio, which you won't realize until you start playing, If it would have any way of recovering audio then this would not be a problem.

When multiple devices are connected it successfully moves from one to the other, which was broken a few months ago, but now works, so it's a good workaround, but when only one device is connected then it won't work properly. @Phlo23 has also performed some tests of this issue and could not reproduce it, which is odd cause I have it on multiple PC's.  

o    When did issue occur: All the time for a long time.

o    Which client(s) are impacted: Desktop

o    Info about your device: Windows 10 & Bluetooth True Wireless Headphones JLab or Wireless Headset Sennheiser or wired generic headset or bluetooth speaker

Video example of Unibet sound not working: 

Video example of Stars sound working: 



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Thanks, it seems I missed this thread. I can report a repeat of the incident, today at approximately 20:30 BST. What happened this time was that I logged into the client. I then waited a bit (again in the range of 10 minutes or so) and then when I began to play (Hexapros in this instance), the sound was gone (confirmed by playing a YouTube video that had sound). It's like the client is disconnecting itself from the sound system after a certain amount of idle time. Like it closes the connection.

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