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FaiDeaEmo Rank 10
Rank 10

It has been a long ride in the last supernova and if it was partly because of me i am sorry ! 

2412supnotnice.jpgI think few things lead to me stalling, first of all i had aces twice in 3 hands, at a super active table previously, once in bb, 2nd time in dealer, every1 just folded first time then after i minopen from btn vs medium/high stacks in blinds. they both folded and i was very surprised to see that, after we got a rly sick cooler imo considering i limped and didn`t get ra ised by bb, i only checked flop back and called turn to trap and ra ised all in river... sadly he had one of the few hands i expected him to have that beats me Very Happy

 But that was all ok, went on, lucky won a flip and doubled up the very next hand and kept playing, but with about 3-4 left i was surprised to see like 5 or more short stacks just doubling up and when we were 2 left, even more surprised to see at other 2 tables, multiple instances where a player with avg or above average stack opens , a short with 5-10bb goes all in and they folded every time and multiple other instances of other shorts shoving with 5-8bb and every1 folding behind.. and decided to just stall every hand after i had about 50k stack at blind 6kish after playing about 1h  in last 2 man bubble Very Happy

Anyway, i am apologizing to those few that may be offended by that (what i did didn`t matter as in most cases because being hand for hand and other tables playing postflop more, they lasted longer than my stalling lul )

May have made itm with the mystery uos mian event ticket ! (not sure cuz i had 1 other ticket that i won from the last qualifier last sunday at uos ma in event qualifiers and decided to not play after i played all day and lost about 200e for that 1 100e ticket that i got from my last qualifier and decided to not play the ma in event as i would have missed the first 2h and a bit of the start)

Just decided to write this before going to bed! what a bubble

Silver1 Rank 16
Rank 16

Didn’t play but nice gesture of you to write this post! Understand how you thought and don’t think I would have reacted to it, feels like a common spot (at and around the bubble) where many players start to insta tank every hand. It’s a part of the game and some take advantage of it and if they see as +EV for them so why not but of course it can be frustrating for the rest of the table/s.