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Hi Unibet Community,

I am looking with assistance with a bet I placed for the recent Belgian Grand Prix that was approved, settled and then voided by unibet although I believe the reasons now being brought up by Unibet to void the bet go against the Terms and Conditions for motorsport betting.!/menu/standard/file/Kambi%20TC%20v1.7%20-%20...

Has anyone had disputes like this and have any advise for escalating the issue as I don't think I'm being listened to.

Bet: Driver to be classified in the GP: No (Sainz Jr., Carlos - Belgian GP (Race))

I am being told that because he didn't start the race the bet is invalid, but there are multiple terms that state that isn't valid. The context of this is that Carlos Sainz had a exhaust problem in the warm up laps driving to the grid prior to the race.

Firstly, just to prove that these terms and conditions qualify for the following points, Formula One is listed under Motor Sports; 

19. Motor Sports

1)  This section is valid for all sports related to Motor Racing, such as: Formula One, A1 GP, CART, Indy Car, Nascar, Circuit Racing, Touring Cars, DTM, Endurance, Rally, Rally-cross, Motorcycling, Superbike.


Point 5 states that as long as a driver participates somewhere in the event starting the race doesn't matter

5)  For settlement purposes, a driver/rider who has taken part in an officially-sanctioned practice or qualification session is considered to have taken part in the event, regardless of his eventual participation in the actual race.

Point 8 points out that the bet should be based on official regulations issued by the governing association. In the offical document from the FIA (F1 governing body) Carlos Sainz is listed as "Not Classified" which is exactly what the original bet should refer to. (

Cool  Settlement for any offer with reference to "Race completion" will be based on official regulations as issued by the governing association.

Point 11 as stated before the issue that stopped Carlos' race happened in the warm-up laps before the grid was set in unibet's own definition taking part in a warm-up means the driver start the race.

11)  A Race is considered to have started when the warm-up lap starts (where applicable), thus all drivers/riders taking part in the warm-up lap are deemed to have started. In case of a participant whose start is delayed, or starts the race from the pit lane, the participant is also deemed to have taken part.


I would just like to be rewarded as per the approved and settled bet that was made. I think it is wrong for unibet to go back on a winning bet after the fact and then incorrectly use their own terms. It feels like any time you have a chance they can take it away.

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So in response to my content of a bet that is for the driver to be not classified this is the unibet response. I'm shocked that the misunderstanding goes this far and they still will not honour the original bet.


Regarding your Motorsport bet, I did query the same ruling as you did . However Classification is a separate ruling.  Please be advised that classification would be for drivers that have participated in the race and have completed 90% of the laps.  Please see the explanation below.

Kindly see the 2020 F1 Sporting Regulations under Article 45.2 below:

Apologies the bet stands a void.   apologies for any disappointment in this matter.