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About Me

  1. Opening this thread, because every now and then there's all kinds of typos seen in official texts. Starting with this one from the Finnish deposit-page. Not very representative for company, nor appealing to see it if you're are new customer. Been there for ages.
  2. Hi guys not sure if there is a way to do this , usually is but can’t find anything ? thanks in advance
  3. if i withdraw today to my debit card, when do the funds usually go into my bank account? i know it says 1-3 working days or 2-5 days but i know other betting websites say that but they tend to be earlier. cheers.
  4. Hi, My account was verified 7 days ago and I requested a withdrawal on 20th February. I have been told that the 'relevant team' needs to call me for security reasons but haven't been provided with any further information. 9 days later, I have yet to receive a phone call and my withdrawal still hasn't been processed? I have spoken to numerous live chat agents, who have given me false information and I have spoken to numerous agents via telephone, assuring me that I should be receiving a call by the end of the week. I raised a complaint yesterday afternoon to the email address provided by live chat and am still waiting for it to be acknowledged. When will I receive my call and when will you process my withdrawal, please? Regards, Paris
  5. Hi all, I have sent the photo of my credit card bill as proof of address a week ago. However, the verfication is still pending. Did it usually take so long to verify address?
  6. As a new customer I must say how disappointed i am with the level of service from Unibet. A customer service department that cannot answer a question other that to say it is the weekend and the department concerned has minimal staff. Then to get an email from customer support which was totally irelavent to me and should of gone to another customer is frankly unbelievable and must be in contavention of data protection etc.. Fortunatley there were no details in the email that could of compromised the other customer. Yes i did get an email back when I pointed this out apologising for the mistake but it shouldn't happen in the first place. Now on the account verification screen it says 1 to 3 working days for you to completre the process how so? every other company I have had to do this with it has been completed in 24 hours and in most cases the same day. so far a very bad customer experience and i am strongly considering what action I will take next
  7. From canada, getting really annoyed it has been 7 plus business dayz for either winnings i have two that i have tried to withdraw on the 8th and 9th for 230 and 250 transaction says completed on website yet no money???
  8. Hi to everyone, and Happy new year! Let talk about my problem, i have made an account on my name but i deposited from my son bank account(now i know that's is illeagal), but.. first time when you asked me for that prove of bank account photo i told u that this is not my card and u say that's not really a big problem but i have to sign it o the back and everything will be fine, say and done. And now, in the new year eve i recive a notice from u that u blocked my account and all my funds are deleted because of fraud, nice way to start the new year.. I understand, what i did was agaist your term and conditions, was my obligation to read them,i didnt, but i search here to people who had the same problem as me and i find someoane (from 2017) and unibet give him the money back when all the verification was completed but the account remain blocked, why it didnt happend in my case also like this? This is the topic that i'm talking about! https://www.unibetcommunity.com/t5/Help-Support/Stolen-money/td-p/110153/page/2
  9. You can help me MI withdraw is waiting the verification the account now is one week after I send the document but I don't have news
  10. Hello! Earlier in the week I tried to deposit funds the same way I always have, and a window appears that says: Unexpected token< in JSON at postion 0. The under that it just shows the swirling symbol and 'loading'... This has been the case after multiple attempts. Same thing when I tried with my phone as well. Can someone get back to me about this please? - Thank-you in advance!
  11. Hello, i have a withdrawal on hold. I made a withdrawal on my creditcard as usually. But this time is frozen. Can anyone help me with this? Info says I should get an email, but i didnt get it... Thanks for help.
  12. Hi, Made a withdrawal saturday, still hasnt been processed, been told its a payment provider problem. Anyone else waiting on a withdrawal to be processed from the weekend? Cheers
  13. Can someone help me? Who do i contact? I got the IP adresses from two loggins on my accout right before the withdrawel.
  14. Hey! i Canceled a withdraw and it stood that the money was brought back to my account, but it never came. If i refresh i can cancel the withdraw again and it stands it was sucsessfull but i still don't get the money
  15. Hello, Mij withdrawal is on hold while the verification page says everything is all right. Who can help me :annoyed:?
  16. 5 weeks ago I deposited money into my account, bet it all on a horse and won. I withdrew my money - 600 pounds. Immediately, I am asked to verify my account - WHICH WAS ALREADY FULL VERIFIED weeks before then. I am told I can only use a proof of address issued by post. I then ordered it from the bank and after 4 weeks it arrived. I uploaded the requested pictures of my face and ID / proof of address on Monday. Today they say they need "crystal clear" pictures of my face with two proofs of address. This is an absolute joke, seeing as my account was verified at the beginning. I want my money now and please close my account.
  17. Today i set a bet on leipzig - tottenham. I set that patrick schick would have one shot on target (higher then 0,5) and in the uefa match report i saw it happend but i lost my bet.
  18. I deposited 50euro and got the 200% bonusmoney with it, but everything turned into bonusmoney. After that it said i had 150 bonus money and 0 "cash", so I tried to find out what was up and I could only find I had to wager all my money for it to turn into withdrawable cash. I do not know if I got that right, but I have wagered alot more than the bonusmoney i got, and everything is still bonusmoney. Shouldnt my 50euro be non-bonus? How do I turn it into cash?
  19. Lews


    I deposited 10 pounds to get the 40 pound bonus I then wager my own money a few times and come back to even money and I’d like to withdraw my 10pounds and just play with the remaining bonus but it is not letting me.Any help?
  20. y does it state wen playing a slot congats u made it to big win game then loads game starts playing demo mode ?? doin my nut in
  21. Dear Unibet, Is it possible to see all my deposit i've done on unibet? I wanna calculate my total loss vs wins and my total money I 'Invest' into Unibet :) Greetings Donvito699
  22. Hi, I emigrated from Belgium to Norway. Up till now my Belgian bankaccount is still connected to my unibet profile. I was wondering if you could add my Norwegian bank account as well so I can deposit and withdrawal from my Norwegian bank account as well? Or isn't it possible? If not how can I erase my Belgian bank account and replace it with my Norwegian bank account? I tried to email you guys and tried through the live chat none of these 2 options worked. Could you help me out? Thanks in advance. TryOut1
  23. So recently i was going to do my first withdraw from my account. They asked me to give them ID and proof of adress. I provided both ID and proof of adress, and it said it would take 3 or 5 days for them to go through them. While my ID and other documents is being looked at, i cant use my account because its frozen until they have gone through my documents. Its now been a week since i provided those documents, my account is still frozen and i cant use/withdraw any money on my account. Please help...
  24. Hi I got the bonus of 'Claim your £10 Casino Bonus!' I won a bet - staked £2 and returned £62 but it came into bonus wallet? How do I convert this money to main balance/how much do I need to wager before it starts getting returned as main balance? Thanks
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