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  1. Opening this thread, because every now and then there's all kinds of typos seen in official texts. Starting with this one from the Finnish deposit-page. Not very representative for company, nor appealing to see it if you're are new customer. Been there for ages.
  2. Hey! I cant withdraw my balance (not bonus balance, real balance) because its says I need to verify my account. But when I go where I need to verify my documents it says I have nothing to do. What should I do? I cant do anything, the button wont show up at withdraw.
  3. Hi I am a new customer to unibet and my withdrawals have been onhold. I sent the documents that are asked within minutes and i would like to know why it is taking too long to get my account approved. I need my withdrawals as soon as possible. I hope you have a great day.
  4. I have been waiting for my account to be verified almost a month since 18/04 until today 16/05 on the website said it's take 48 hours up to 5 working days during busy periods This is too long to be accepted. I tried to get to Live chat which never be available. can someone solved this issue. And another question. what is really problem that I will withdraw money to the same account that I used to deposit ?. and there's my name on it.
  5. Hi Team, Can you please kindly assist here, as my account has been opened 3 weeks ago and it is still in progress of verifying. Anyone please assist and take a look?
  6. Hi, My account was verified 7 days ago and I requested a withdrawal on 20th February. I have been told that the 'relevant team' needs to call me for security reasons but haven't been provided with any further information. 9 days later, I have yet to receive a phone call and my withdrawal still hasn't been processed? I have spoken to numerous live chat agents, who have given me false information and I have spoken to numerous agents via telephone, assuring me that I should be receiving a call by the end of the week. I raised a complaint yesterday afternoon to the email address provided by live chat and am still waiting for it to be acknowledged. When will I receive my call and when will you process my withdrawal, please? Regards, Paris
  7. Unibet are continuously rejecting proof of address document despite sending various official documents dated within last 3 months in clear pdf format. Always a different name at the end of the email. No reason given for rejection. Used EXACT SAME documents to verify my account at Matchbook and it was accepted within hours. One look on Trust Pilot will show that this is a common issue and Unibets way of keeping hold of your money!!! Scammers. I will be contacting Rip Off Britain and the media if this continues!
  8. Hi all, I have sent the photo of my credit card bill as proof of address a week ago. However, the verfication is still pending. Did it usually take so long to verify address?
  9. So I tried to withdraw some money, and it has been frozen as I need to verify myself. However when I go to the verification page I just get a message that I was verified for a withdrawal for last year and no option to verify myself again. Not quite sure what to do.
  10. Hi Guys a little help please reading the reviews has really stressed me out as UNIBET dont have a good rep for verification i'm from the UK and have sent in requested documents all sent via post everything has been verified but the proof of address i sent in bank statements sent via post credit card statements sent via post thats all i have as all other bills are paperless i really need some help with this on how to actually get verified. I cant help but feel sad about the whole situation as i have sent everything needed but still no joy. its been since the 5th Nov 2021 (still not verified) I have just sent in today another credit card statement fingers crossed this will be approved. This whole process is very disheartening for a big competitor to take this long and reject valid proof of address is a shame.
  11. As a new customer I must say how disappointed i am with the level of service from Unibet. A customer service department that cannot answer a question other that to say it is the weekend and the department concerned has minimal staff. Then to get an email from customer support which was totally irelavent to me and should of gone to another customer is frankly unbelievable and must be in contavention of data protection etc.. Fortunatley there were no details in the email that could of compromised the other customer. Yes i did get an email back when I pointed this out apologising for the mistake but it shouldn't happen in the first place. Now on the account verification screen it says 1 to 3 working days for you to completre the process how so? every other company I have had to do this with it has been completed in 24 hours and in most cases the same day. so far a very bad customer experience and i am strongly considering what action I will take next
  12. i i have sent all my documents yesterday , and my account is still locked pending verifycation, i also have a pending withdrawl, when i contact live chat no one can help me would it be possbile for someone to contact the correct department as to see if the documents were ok and why it is taken so long for verification to use my account as i have not received any contact at all from any department Thanks
  13. Hi All, Unibet are a rogue gambling establishment. Stay well clear, I have followed all their long winded documents they request for verification and just keep rejecting for no reason. I won an ok amount and they are just trying to prolong the process. I don't have the patience now after following their guidelines. Thankfully I'm not relying on the money either. I have two University friends that work for two separate national newspapers, who are willing to run with my story as I have enough evidence but to make the story meatier , send me across your experiences - I am collating them from this forum and trustpilot alone, and have enough.
  14. How is that they'll let you deposit the money but the tell you that you need to verify and it will take 2 days? Surely you'd have to verify first?
  15. Every time I try to deposit money it is telling me that I need to verify my account. However, when I go to verify it says I am all set! Getting very annoyed with it now and the lack of livechat to get support. Also, no matter how many times I change odds to decimal they go back to fractional.
  16. Imane


    My withdraw is waiting because verify the ID and the proof of adresse I send all the document 12 December and now is 19 d├ęcembre can u help me
  17. Bogdan89


    Hi , i ve send all the documentation for a quick verify and...nothing. can someone do something about it? Thank you!
  18. I'm receiving emails telling me to verify but all my documents are already submitted. Please help?
  19. I send a picture of my ID card and I'm still waiting for it to be verified.
  20. Hello! The verifying of my documents are taking 10 days by today. I am waiting to get this ready and get my withdrawal. How long can the verification take?
  21. I have a yellow banner appearing on every page I use asking for account verification. If I click on the banner it takes me to a page where it says nothing is required. I go onto another page and it's back. I click on the X, the banner disappears but re-appears on a new page. I don't know if it's a design fault or a bug so calling @Stubbe-Unibet and @ReCorpH Thankyou.
  22. Hi, I've been using Unibet for years and never had any issues depositing and withdrawing money. But now, when I try to make a deposit, I am told I need to verify my account by going to the 'Verify Account' page. But when I go to that page, it tells me that I have already verified my account: "You are all set! There are no pending documents or withdrawals on hold. Enjoy our site." But I still can't deposit/withdraw cash! How can I fix this? Thanks Greg
  23. 5 weeks ago I deposited money into my account, bet it all on a horse and won. I withdrew my money - 600 pounds. Immediately, I am asked to verify my account - WHICH WAS ALREADY FULL VERIFIED weeks before then. I am told I can only use a proof of address issued by post. I then ordered it from the bank and after 4 weeks it arrived. I uploaded the requested pictures of my face and ID / proof of address on Monday. Today they say they need "crystal clear" pictures of my face with two proofs of address. This is an absolute joke, seeing as my account was verified at the beginning. I want my money now and please close my account.
  24. Is this scam? It's sent from a weird e-mail address..
  25. Is there any number or live chat where you can contact Unibet.. First of all i dont know why is 2nd account verification necessary cause i verified my account already once!! 2nd when you want to cashout a more money then they ask you for your verification again.. It says that verification takes 3-5 working days,and cashout it takes 2-4 working days.. i cash out some money but its blocked till they verifid my account.. So you are breaking your own rules about payments! I alredy verified my account for 2nd time,i get yesterday email from unibet,i send them my documentation via email again,today again i get email from unibet to send my documentation.. Are you kidding me? Someone makes this ok,before i take contact with gambling commission.. THANKS,
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