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Found 7 results

  1. Hi I am a new customer to unibet and my withdrawals have been onhold. I sent the documents that are asked within minutes and i would like to know why it is taking too long to get my account approved. I need my withdrawals as soon as possible. I hope you have a great day.
  2. Hi I have submit a photo of my drivers license, my passport, a picture of my passport next to my face, my bank card, a physical bank statement and yet I STILL continue to get my verification rejected. Yet everytime my documents are rejected J am not given any sort of reason and I have uploaded a picture of every single think you have asked. Can I PLEASE have someone PM me or take a look at my account and tell me what else you could possibly want for me. I have tried and I have been patient but it has been 2.5 months since I was first asked for verification documentation and it is now getting ridiculous and frustrating. @Jami-Unibet @Stubbe-Unibet
  3. Unibet are continuously rejecting proof of address document despite sending various official documents dated within last 3 months in clear pdf format. Always a different name at the end of the email. No reason given for rejection. Used EXACT SAME documents to verify my account at Matchbook and it was accepted within hours. One look on Trust Pilot will show that this is a common issue and Unibets way of keeping hold of your money!!! Scammers. I will be contacting Rip Off Britain and the media if this continues!
  4. So here's what happened before the problems started. I signed up to unibet as they have an attractive welcome offer which offers covers your first loss up £40 and provides a £10 casino bonus which is fine for everyone to sign up and deposit money into the account. I did lose my first bet for which unibet provided my bonus and there were no issues at all, which I turned into a good win. On the 10th of January 2022, I requested a withdrawal of my winnings but the following day, I got an email stating that my account has been frozen and I need to go through the verification process in order for them to process my withdrawal. In order to complete these checks I must provide them with proof of ID, proof of ID held next to my face, and proof of address sent by post. I had provided them on the day. The page states that it usually takes less than 48 hours but can take up to 5 working days during busy periods. On the 13th of January 2022, I got an email thinking this had been approved but no, it was for more documents, that being photos of the card used to pay in the deposit, and I questioned how long that would take and they tell me it would be up to 5 days from the point the document was received so that would be up until the 18th. Had already taken this amount of time but there are no efforts to speed up this process despite them locking my account as they "have to process documents in the order they receive it". On the 18th I get some communication to tell me that my proof of address is incorrect and need to provide it in the proper manner, which is fine but should it have taken 5 days for them to tell me this? Okay so I sent what they have asked me correctly as soon as I could (19th January 2022) and only today (25th January 2022) I get response again saying that I now need to provide them proof of address next to my face. So far this has taken two weeks, I would expect this to drag on for much longer. Live chat has been less than useless through all of this. Why can you not state right from the beginning exactly everything that is required so it can all be sent in one go and verified accordingly rather than ask me through partway through the process that you need more information? Why is this being to delay my payment? You are bound by the UK gambling commission to process payment without delay, I'm no legal expert but it seems like you're bordering fine lines with this. I don't believe there is anything I can provide in order to prove my identity, unless you need my medical history? Can you tell me exactly what's going, how much longer this is going to take and what else needs to be provided as soon as you can. Not 5 days later you ask me for something else and another 5 days later you ask me for more. This is beyond ridiculous. If there is anyone that can help, please do so. This might not happen to everyone but it has happened to me and I can see reading through the forum that this is quite a common occurrence so for those looking, it might be best to avoid this company.
  5. Hi Guys a little help please reading the reviews has really stressed me out as UNIBET dont have a good rep for verification i'm from the UK and have sent in requested documents all sent via post everything has been verified but the proof of address i sent in bank statements sent via post credit card statements sent via post thats all i have as all other bills are paperless i really need some help with this on how to actually get verified. I cant help but feel sad about the whole situation as i have sent everything needed but still no joy. its been since the 5th Nov 2021 (still not verified) I have just sent in today another credit card statement fingers crossed this will be approved. This whole process is very disheartening for a big competitor to take this long and reject valid proof of address is a shame.
  6. Google translate: Hello everyone. Hope to find help here as Live Chat keeps me waiting all the time. I won almost £ 14,000 and was asked to verify my details. My verification started on 05/10, so far have been confirmed, passport, card and proof of address. 9/10 I was asked to submit my bank statements for the last 90 days so did so I'm still waiting today 11 days have passed since verification started and every time I get a reply saying I have to wait or my paperwork is waiting for approval in the queue. I understand that the winning amount is large, but I do not understand why it takes so long, I have the impression that this verification will never come and my money will never reach me. Live chat contact and email contact do not help. this is not the first time i have verified my account on the casino website and i have never had such problems.
  7. I have deposited a total of 6k on my account and have withdrawn less than £2k (£1,870 ) 7/8th July. We are now at the 16th July. I have sent in all my documentation. My driving licence and bank card were checked and verified promptly . But then they asked for a document which helped show how I find my account. Basically see what money I’m earning and where from which I think is a liberty in the first place . Anyway the day they asked (8th July) was the day I immediately forwarded them the relevant information. A reply was thank you for your documents , this is usually checked within 48 hours but can take up to 5 working days. I have chased them daily with responses along the lines of please be patient our team are working hard to verify your documents . How long does it take to look at a bloody bank statement . We are now on the 16th which is past all the promised deadlines . Chat advisors and emails are patronising me . You can’t call , can’t get directly through to the security team. It’s causing arguments at home as it’s not just a couple of quid . I feel as though Il wait forever if do t do something . Someone please help ! This is becoming a joke
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