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  1. Hello Unibet Community:) I did register on Unibet around 2 weeks ago and start playing poker and first day my account was blocked for security reasons. So i needed to provide documents and i did provide them. Then needed to wait around week for respond that my ID proof is confirmed, but address proof and Skrill proof are not good and need to send again. Did send them again same day and now again 1 week no reply. This is most frustrating thing i did ever deal while playing poker, put money on and then waiting 2 weeks to be enable to play. Don't understand how they can't do this little faster or atleast unlock my account while my ID is proved. I understand that procedure while withdraw, but like this after deposit and start playing and then get locked for 2 weeks...just don't feel good:teardrop: Can someone help me there or atleast explain that? Nora
  2. Opening this thread, because every now and then there's all kinds of typos seen in official texts. Starting with this one from the Finnish deposit-page. Not very representative for company, nor appealing to see it if you're are new customer. Been there for ages.
  3. i didnt realize i had to verify with my drivers license after i registered. There was nothing saying this when i made my deposit of course. So i proceeded to play and basically just donated my money to you guys because i didnt win a damn thing. Without verification the games do not give you the same fair win % Why is it that nothing is said to me when i make my deposit but after i lose all my money it shows up ?? This is bull !! I only deposited $10.00 but ive played enough of these casinos to know that what just happened to me is not fair to say the least. Im sure you can check my games history and win/loss info and youll see it was one loss after the other until it was all gone. It was only when i exited the game that i saw the "verification needed" window. I kind of expect some kind reimbursment for that !!!
  4. Please remove names that use covid/corona virus. it"s very insulting to those who have suffered from this horrible event in our history.
  5. Quite a traightforward one this. As a new customer, I am amazed that my welcome freerolls seem to return Omaha tickets only, and not cash or hold em prizes. If somebody could tell me how paying out in a variance that people have not even proved they are able to play is promoting responsible gambling, then feel free to enlighten me. My view, is it's a very sneaky thing to do. Why should new customers be expected to accept Omaha tickets they have no interest in using as prizees to claim tickets that were part of their promotion?? Thanks, EugenicistGates
  6. y does it state wen playing a slot congats u made it to big win game then loads game starts playing demo mode ?? doin my nut in
  7. Hi unibet i cancel my welcome bonus n'y mistake coule you help me plz ?
  8. I made my account and have tried multiple times to verify but every time I go to the verification page I see this...
  9. I deposited with a first time deposit enough to earn 100 free spins, I received 10 straight away but I’ve been waiting for two days for my other 90 spins, when do I receive these? It said within one day but they haven’t appeared?
  10. After being registered as a member of the site I put in 200 DKK and got a 500 DKK bonus. I made some bets but when i went in to check it, I couldn't log in to my account. Now I've just received an email which tells that i haven't verified my account, which wasn't possible owing to the problems I had trying to log in. How can I in any possible way get my money back?
  11. Hi, when i try to login on the Unibet Sports app i just keep getting this error.. never had this issue before. When i restart, app just keeps crashing. Any solution for this problem? Thx!
  12. Hi, I Signed up for the antepost Cheltenham new customer offer so placed a £10 bet on Dandy Dan antepost but it’s now a non runner, does that bet still qualify for my free £10 bet every day? I have today placed the refunded £10 on clan des obeaux in the gold cup just in case. any help would be appreciated. Cheers Dan
  13. Hi everyone! I had some issue with log in today. I already had try to reinstall software and check compatibility problems, but nothing changed
  14. Is there a limit? On how many topics you can start and under which section??? Because i have an idea to be more customer friendly with your welcome tickets but i can't create a topic under promotion tab??
  15. I deposited 120£ and I was get 200£ bonuses money. In T&C is “Any bonus balance that is in your account will be used before your cash balance.” but in my account first I spend my real money. Why?
  16. Hi Just wondering how to place my free bets from welcome offer... I can see them in my account but are in "Pending" rather than "Available" so I can't seem to use them. can see they look to expire today so Don’t want to lose them. Also can’t see any casino bonus either thanks
  17. Hi I signed up on Monday 9/7 on the offer deposit £20 get £60 after depositing and wagering £20 I recived my £20 pre match and £20 inplay I should receive a £20 casino bonus after 24 hours but still not received it. Can you help please
  18. Desalon


    Is the startbonus from yesterday gone ? Get 200 bonus if you put 400 on a new acc?
  19. My account is locked due the verify proces. first there is a bug that said, all documents or ok which is not. Then i provide the documents, and they invent a number of rules to extend the verify proces. i can understand that verify is a must for fraud. i can barely understand that It takes more then 2 days in 2018??? what i Dont understand is, why block the full account so i cant play? You can lock withdrawal proces in terms of waiting for the verify documents, but this? i’m not amused at all. Hope It Will be fixed today before 12:00 GMT+1. fix the bug and advies people to send these documents in the first hour of registration. The community is full of these problems and bugs and angry players. That i do understand now thank you to check
  20. Inteoduce a friend at unibet, where is my bonus?
  21. Livertool


    That is coming soon, so i would like to know how that "license to be forgotten" works? Companys should then erase all data from users if they ask. So just wondering if there is loophole to get wellcome bonuses over and over again by closing and opening new account with same information? I would never do that but just asking, would it be possible?
  22. Because i deposited money through my wifes bank card, you close my account and not pay me back my money? about 17000 euros was taken away from me (the same amount i deposited in my unibet acoount), just because of that little mistake??? so if someone makes a little bit mistake you punish them this badly? this huge amount of money is not to forget about. The case will be reported to the police. And if i do not get my money back i will fight you forever.
  23. Hello, Guys I have a very big problem with verification of my account. During registration of my account I used the address where I currently live(I am renting a flat) but when I was asked to verify my account I have sent my documents with the address that is shown in my documents(different address) - I would like to clarify that in Poland we have our address printed in our ID's. From this moment Unibet the company that I was always considering as one of the most trustful one is making me huge problems. First I was asked to send my ID card + print screen from my Neteller account + my bank account statement - I have sent all these documents. There was no answer for more than a week so I contacted support via chat and I have been told that I suppose to provide photo of my face next to my ID!! I thought that it is so ridiculous that it must be a joke but it wasn’t. I was trying to convince Unibet support for few months that they have no right to demand this kind of stuff that it is a humiliation to take photo of my face next to my ID... I have finally surrendered and sent the photo of myself with my ID next to my face. Surprisingly I have been told that I can withdraw my money only to bank account even though I have deposited via Neteller... even though it was not convenient at all for me to receive my funds via bank. Having no choice I have agreed for that but what is the most RIDICOLOUS I have received nothing! WHEN I ASKED SUPPORT WHY..? - THEY TOLD ME THAT I SUPPOSE TO SEND THE PHOTO OF MY FACE NEXT TO MY DRICING LICENCE! I have no power to fight... Please help me... I sill belive that Unibet is trustful company. Best regards, Daniel
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