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About Me

  1. Is there any way to check the total amount of money spent on unibet since the beginning?
  2. I was curious about my weekly -/+ Casino and Bingo so I checked the relatevely new option more thouroughly. First I should mention that I've played with no bonus at Bingo and about the Casino I used some of the holiday offers which I remember was too small to be left after 810BGN only in winnings. So it might be an actual bug or some sort of miscalculation. No way even with all of my ADD and absent-mindfulness or ocassional sleep deprivation to miss a win that equals a decent monthly wage in my country. On top of it was won with Total bet:0 Also when I use the predefined or a period longer than this week ,in which I gambled way more than usual and was at -- a small(loss limits), but missed some chances for playing the Supernova from casino qualifier :Laugh: , there seems to be no error:
  3. Hey guys, To make this short, I've always been a gambler but only recently online with slots and table games. I do however prefer live games as they make me feel like there's more of random randomness to me :). I've been losing quite a bit on slots, paticularly with ones where I've won on before and now it just seems that no matter what game I play, I never get those free spins or bonuses anymore. I'm under the impression that evertime somene plays, it's completely random and doesn't know that you've already hit a few free spins before and doesn't make you lose based on your personal RTP percentage? If I'm on a game and hit the bonus or free spins within a few spins, does it stay random or is there algorithm saying...hey, this guy with this login has already won some money theses past few days playing this game, we're going not let him win until he's lost a certain amount before we let him win again. Or is it possible that there are people who are just luckier than others and people like me are the one's losing to them? Don't get me wrong, I know that gambling for the most part is a losing matter unless you're the house but I refuse to believe that I'm this unlucky :). I'm in denial...
  4. WattsAl


    Is prohibited to have icmizer open while the unibet client is open aswell but no tables?
  5. Hello, I hope all is well. While I wait for you guys to sort my free spins issue out, I could be having a quick game or two, I just wish there was some 1/2 cash games available to kill a bit of time. Why is there not any, virtually everybody else has them, but not here. Thanks
  6. Quite a traightforward one this. As a new customer, I am amazed that my welcome freerolls seem to return Omaha tickets only, and not cash or hold em prizes. If somebody could tell me how paying out in a variance that people have not even proved they are able to play is promoting responsible gambling, then feel free to enlighten me. My view, is it's a very sneaky thing to do. Why should new customers be expected to accept Omaha tickets they have no interest in using as prizees to claim tickets that were part of their promotion?? Thanks, EugenicistGates
  8. Is this scam? It's sent from a weird e-mail address..
  9. had money on account and try verifier but then ask for other bank card and then now had to send then have to wait 3-4 day for approve .. eventually then reject must send again as the start ... and now there are more card to send. .. had been customers for 5-6 years but had problems in the last 2 months just because i had payment .. they did not feel good about losing money and did not approve my account ..
  10. In the interests of responsible gambling my proposal is that players should be able to take a "time-out" without losing (in my case) poker tickets or ticket life. Not sure if this could be of use for bingo etc also? The issue of tickets expiring may encourage continued gambling when people otherwise (sensibly) might decide to take a break. For example, if I opted to self exclude for a month any live tickets would have a months lifespan added to them so that on my return to the site, refreshed and ready to do battle again I would still have the tickets and same available timespan to use them. What do you think guys? :wonder:
  11. Im recording my fun games on Hexapro tournament, especially the wins ^^! I've search for answerds in the community and in terms and conditions, without any luck. So, if anyone can assist me on this, I thank you in advance. Q: Can I load up videoclips to Youtube showing the game participants and prosess, legaly, without breaking any rules of the company neither personal alias information on other players in the clips? Tnx
  12. Hi, I think this poker site is great however I cancel the casino through responsible gaming, does this mean the free spins for missions I keep getting are useless. I let it go the first few times but the poker missions keep adding them. Don't you think this is pointless for those that restrict or even a bit dodgy. Offer me something else, the software can't be that basic!!!
  13. It's there a way to stop the responsible gaming if i activate it ?
  14. I had these problems already a long time, but sometimes I feel it's getting worse. So what's happening? Whenever I change connection (for example when I walk out of wifi zone into either another wifi or mobile data) 2 things can happen. - Or the client takes more than 30 seconds up to a minute to get "reconnected". This results often in missing a few hands. Most of the times after this change the app runs really bad. I sometimes can't even press some of the buttons. Or it takes the whole timebank period for it to register my press. It occured because of this that I folded AA, just because I couldn't press. Even folded nuts on the river because of this :( - Or it takes more than a minute with the "trying to reconnect" on the screen, so I have to restart the app, resulting on sitting out on my tables (or again, losing pots that I shouldn't) Then there is the issue when you want to open another app for a second, and then later want to come back. Actually kind of the same as above occurs. - Or the whole app gets buggy. Can't always press buttons, cards or buttons don't even show up, that kind of stuff. - Or I can't press anything at all and my screen stays frozen resulting in a restart of the app, which, again, takes some time. Sidenote: I have a OnePlus3, which has a more than sufficent processor to run the app (actually to run any app which is on the market right now) I already lost a lot of money because of this durning the past few months, sometimes just because I couldn't do anything, sometimes because it's so frustrating that it takes away the joy of playing. Really, when you're playing some high-paced game (sng's or (hyper)-turbo's, which I like the most), it's not cool when you have to restart the app 5 time sbefore you can play a hand. (and in that time lost already a huge chunck of your stack) Hope this can get looked at and solved, because I actually play a lot on my phone (I think even more than on the desktop). Kind Regards VIKINGS P.s. Another small issue with the app, which is completely out of the subject here; your e-mail gets remembered right now in the app, but instead of the "@" there is a "%40" which you have to replace every time :)
  15. Hi! I just placed two equal bets on Udinese - Parma and three equal bets on Rayo Majajajonda - Real Zaragoza . I couldn't find the first bet in my list after placing it so I tried again and again... Probably some Internet lag or something. Anyway, I of course only want one bet in each of the games. Is it possible to cancel the duplicated bets somehow?
  16. I know Trump said is has been no colluding :), but still, UnibetPoker is a relatively small field and so if I'm playing Banzai 20 for example (5-6 players total in the pool), I've allwayse wondered if two players can collude and share cards info over skype or phone or... this would be a huge advantage. So my suggestion is to monitor this constantly! But I also think there is no 100% way to know for sure if we are protected in this situation. I'd like to hear your oppinion also! thx
  17. It would be great when players could search for a cash table they want to play and pick that table who is new opened instead of putting new players at a table with big stacks so that you are automatically rigged to lose against these bully players,... Yes I know come later back but that isn't working too because the software set me all the time on a full table with big stacks or again and again on that same table hmmm,.... Or is there a way to wait for a new table because when I am on the list to wait for a new table again I was sit on a table who loses one player???? @RayL
  18. For the players that most of the time are multi-tabling, with 2 monitors in sessions, it's really hard to bring the tables on monitor 2 ( the secondary one , when this is the large monitor for playing) when we must restart the client. We must drag one-by-one all the mtts active from monitor 1. Sometimes that involve some loosing info or sit-outs...
  19. Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to see how much you have put into your account (i.e. money from your bank into Unibet) and how much you have taken out (.i.e. money from Unibet back to your bank) to keep track on how much you've earned/spent. On the account history page it is only possible to see the last 4 months, (as far as I know). Can somebody please advice. Appreciate the help, thanks
  20. I wanted to post this in the casino section, but I seem to not have sufficent rights for that. I was just playing Vikings Go Berzerk at the usual lowest stake trying to get some big wins to appear on the leaderboard, when suddenly the game crashed and reloaded. I continued spinning like nothing happened, but the stake was raised to 2,5 euro instead of the 10 cents. Goodbye half of my BR. I know it actually is my own fault, because I should be paying attention, but almost all other games on the site just reload at your previous stake. I think this should be unified, certainly because Unibet is so good with player safety and then this kind of nonsense happens. This way you are trying to skim money from low-stake players who can't really afford that kind of stakes. And every time I play a new game I ask myself why the starting stake isn't default on the minimum... So I really hope something can be done about this, because I really keep bumping into the edges of the player safety on here. (Both pokerwise and casino wise) Kind regards Vikings
  21. So i decided to set loss limit to 30€/day, but. Can i still just open NL400 table and go all in first hand and lose 400€? If this is the case i wish there was limit for stakes.
  22. As the UOS is coming in fast, the qualifiers are running massively, and everybody's eager to get as much tickets as they can possibly get. Unfortunately from the perspective of players that are there to start the games, the most unfair thing that often happens, is that it's possible to take the advantage from late-registration and seeing the situations when people goes all-in at the bubble-phase. Obviously, if the late-reg needs to be there in qualifiers, there's not much you can do about it. Sad as it is. But it is possible to make the situational awareness fair and equal for both sides. For the observers that seeks to jump in at critical seconds, and for the playing players sitting at the table. Add the Eye-button to the tables. Or whatever sign fits in it. It doesn't need to be big, if you take a look at the replay-button for example. As long as there's an option/possibility for sitting players to click a button, or direct chance too see the amount of observers watching the table, it doesn't matter. That's probably the only way how you can make the situation even between the active players, and the players about to exploit the game's structure. This should work for all the tournys that has late-reg. Not just qualifiers. Let's make the games fair and less annoying, Unibet. You can do it! P.S. If this is not literally a method of increasing PLAYER-safety, I don't know what is.
  23. Unibet is bull they closed My account and i cant out in Amy money, i was Playing allot about 1000$ eweryday, unibet,mariacasino stop play att those site My friends Its The same owner and storspelare are The same owner to! Bojkotta alla dom BESVIKEN/Mvh George
  24. Hello! I was playing nl4 today when on one of my tables I had noticed two chip dumbers. One guy was always in there while the other was leaving and coming with another nickname every time. Here the screenshots of these two:
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