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About Me

  1. Opening this thread, because every now and then there's all kinds of typos seen in official texts. Starting with this one from the Finnish deposit-page. Not very representative for company, nor appealing to see it if you're are new customer. Been there for ages.
  2. HI there, i'm new here.. 4days ago i was playing lightning roulette with the special bets..but for some strange reason my bet of 51 euro was altered to 18euro and the chips where being moved to other numbers,the wheels spins don't fall on a wining number but i still lost 51euro on a bet that was changed due to some kind of server problem( idont know) i made a complain about it and live support told me it would take op to 48 hours to resolve the problem and the gave me a ticket nr.i said ok and played on..then again 21euro was altered tot 16euro and my chips where placed on other numbers wich lost again and instead of losing 16euro i lost 21 on numbers that i dind't bet on. what can i do know?i didn't got screens (dumb from my side)
  3. This has been pretty annoying for a long time now, but could the info be finally added to the games thumbnails, so there wouldn't always be the need to click and wait for the gamepage to load in order to see which providers game it is? Would be a lot better if the info is there directly to be seen immediately, making it by far more enjoyable navigating experience. Even if it's added to the second layer, when you hover the mouse over it. It'd only take a tiny logo e.g. to the corner of a thumbnail to know. Cheers
  4. Hello, Tipping the dealers at a casino is a custom (in certain places and/or situations). I would like to have the possibility to also tip the dealers in the live casino. I believe that the option would provide me a better experience when playing here: to be able to reward a good service from the dealers (helpful, kindness, ...) or show gratitude after a winning session. The feature would be entirely optional ofcourse and maybe include the possibility to do it anonymously. Kind regards
  5. gabriel


    I can't find actual customer support anywhere. I don't want the help of the community, I want an actual member of staff. Where is live chat? Where is a phone number? I don't understand why I would want to resolve issues on a forum?!
  6. Hi Is it necessary to play the achieved bonus money around in different games or is it enough if you play only for example the live casino? Is it possible to just wait untill the bonus expires to get your money or is than gone? Thanks! :)
  7. Hi, I was playing live BJ and made a bet. About 3 seconds after that the dealer said let's play and before she could deal I got an error and was kicked out, losing my money. How can I get it back? Cheers for any answers
  8. Happy Halloween! After launching the Razortooth from the poker client's casino bar, first it shows the starting infobox, but then the spooky ghost of that evil litter box keeps on haunting people, when it's closed. Still stays there when set to fullscreen view. Tried it couple of times last weekend, and nothing has changed after that. Didn't try anything else as far as I remember, so have fun going through all the other games as well
  9. Couple minor issues if you want to get things right Bad link takes you to old tournament promo and livecasino tournament is actually worth of 50k prices with 10k 1st price
  10. Hi, I was playing lightning roulette and won 77 euros. After a while it didnt accept my bets anymore, so I left the game but the money I won is not on my account :-( does anybody know how I can be helped ? Would be a shame if I lost it.. Thx
  11. I won the ticket a month ago. For this time the organizers of the festival have never contacted me. In this connection, questions arise: 1. Based on what they understand that I won the package? 2. Is my room reserved for me (2-bed - as written in the description) 3. Based on what I will be given chips for the game. 4. Whether it will turn out so that I shall arrive and to me will tell or say - goodbye we do not know you. Answer please! Already wrote on the post unibet, in principle I receive explanations but only in general. I would like to know everything.
  12. Good day to all you sports fans and poker guys alike. Whilst we are not quite through the UEFA Champions League quite yet I thought it fitting to start this thread to gather opinions, favorites and even banter among the fans of the upcoming FIFA 2018 WC. I hope this thread will be much welcome by the community where we can gather a few laughs, discuss our favorite teams and players and even spark a few friendly rivalries Ole! Shoryureppa.
  13. hi guys i had a bug on a casino game once i reached my lost limit on one window , i got a live bet on roulette on another window and won ....did not receive my winnings and i had to argue with cs because it doesn't show in the history! not a big bet not a big win no big deal but still @RayL @JeppeL thanks in advance for looking into this! please messages me in private we can explain all the details
  14. Hi I played in Danish roulette between 21.10-21.24 and made 40ddk at number 36 but got a message afterwards that there was no winners at number 36 and that my bet was canceled why? I wrote with David as a dealer and he forwarded me to support.
  15. Hi I Happened to get a horrible decision on live Black Jack last night. I placed a bet and a sidebet on 21+3. Cards get dealt as normal i get 22 dealer gets a 2 so sidebet is a win, Play goes as normal untill its my turn, I spltt my 2s and get a nine and a 10 on the first one so a perfect hit, i get the first card on the second draw and get a 4. i press hit card comes a 5 and the dealer stops and say it might have been dealt a card before i pressed hit. According to the rules is thats if its a fault the dealer will contact a supervisor to decide the outcome, and if it can be corrected play will resume. From my point of view i pressed hit directly on my screen but the card did come fast so it might be the dealer was to early with the card but the hit is obvious and im sure the hit was registrered before the card was turned. then we wait for a few min and the supervisor instructs the dealer to tunr his down card and cancel the round. I would think this decision should always be made in the players intrest and in this case it was no doubt that i would draw the card and it was a corractable mistake, that would not affect any other players on the table and the round could have resummed. When they cancelled it they returend all bets and even cancelled my winning sidebet that no mather what happened on the table was a bet i could not have lost. Live chat says its nothing to be done but is this really the kind of customer service we can expect at unibet? Adding the screenshout of my hand.
  16. I was playing Caribbean poker yesterday i placed 20$ on anti it showed on the screen i got 4 of a kind Kings and the dealer opened pair of 7s i got sooo excited then i noticed it kicked me out and i got nothing so i got Cheated out of my Winnings
  17. I accidentaly just betted 1000 danish crones on blackjack. I thought that i was playing with 10-crone chips, but instead i was playing with 500's. I pressed one time and betted 500, an then pressed again just to delete the 500, but instead 500 more was on the table. So i just lost 1000 crones, when i really just wanted to play for a tenner. Can you help me?
  18. HI, I live in Canada and feel like I'm not getting the bonus rewards as I would be on other sites, I dont know what is the reason for this. The past weak I deposited around $3000, wagered $12 000 on sports and over $2000 on live casino, I really think I deserve some kind of non deposit bonus as I keep depositing alot and wagering large amounts, yet I'm offered nothing, which is very disapointing as I love Unibet and their betting options.
  19. It has become a constant occurrence now that when entering a table a message pops up "reload/close this page", in many cases it will keep happening over and over so that it isn't even possible to play on the table. I've contacted customer support but they have been unhelpful, unknowledgeable and uninterested, and contacting me back at my email about the issue as supposed to didn't happen at all. The software used to work mostly fine in the past but now it's a ton of hassle and all you're told is basically "sorry can't do anything" and "deal with it". Very dissappointed by all of this.
  20. I cannot sit on a blackjack table i must contact client support..
  21. Hi, If i play live Baccarat i have problems. This problem started approximately 1-2 months ago. When i use Firefox i can not see the dealer but i can bet. If i switch to Internet Explorer i can\t see the dealer but i can bet. Is there any way of fixing this? Best Regards / Jan
  22. Hello everyone, There are since a few days a tournament in VIP BLACKJACK. It will end around thursday 00:00 ( i think ). But there are any information on the promotion webite. Someone can explain what is the rules ? Thank you very much
  23. Samsung S7 Edge, I cannot load the card tables at the live casino, such as Black Jack or the poker, roulette works fine tho, trying to click in and see the tables but wont load so gives a white screen. Any solutions..?
  24. Because i deposited money through my wifes bank card, you close my account and not pay me back my money? about 17000 euros was taken away from me (the same amount i deposited in my unibet acoount), just because of that little mistake??? so if someone makes a little bit mistake you punish them this badly? this huge amount of money is not to forget about. The case will be reported to the police. And if i do not get my money back i will fight you forever.
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