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About Me

  1. Opening this thread, because every now and then there's all kinds of typos seen in official texts. Starting with this one from the Finnish deposit-page. Not very representative for company, nor appealing to see it if you're are new customer. Been there for ages.
  2. I was curious about my weekly -/+ Casino and Bingo so I checked the relatevely new option more thouroughly. First I should mention that I've played with no bonus at Bingo and about the Casino I used some of the holiday offers which I remember was too small to be left after 810BGN only in winnings. So it might be an actual bug or some sort of miscalculation. No way even with all of my ADD and absent-mindfulness or ocassional sleep deprivation to miss a win that equals a decent monthly wage in my country. On top of it was won with Total bet:0 Also when I use the predefined or a period longer than this week ,in which I gambled way more than usual and was at -- a small(loss limits), but missed some chances for playing the Supernova from casino qualifier :Laugh: , there seems to be no error:
  3. Wa can i do money i won on game is still there but cant get it an still ment to have 2 free spins
  4. Hey guys, To make this short, I've always been a gambler but only recently online with slots and table games. I do however prefer live games as they make me feel like there's more of random randomness to me :). I've been losing quite a bit on slots, paticularly with ones where I've won on before and now it just seems that no matter what game I play, I never get those free spins or bonuses anymore. I'm under the impression that evertime somene plays, it's completely random and doesn't know that you've already hit a few free spins before and doesn't make you lose based on your personal RTP percentage? If I'm on a game and hit the bonus or free spins within a few spins, does it stay random or is there algorithm saying...hey, this guy with this login has already won some money theses past few days playing this game, we're going not let him win until he's lost a certain amount before we let him win again. Or is it possible that there are people who are just luckier than others and people like me are the one's losing to them? Don't get me wrong, I know that gambling for the most part is a losing matter unless you're the house but I refuse to believe that I'm this unlucky :). I'm in denial...
  5. hello - i have not received winngs on royal ascot - race at 2.25pm The Coronation Stakes (Group 1) 3 fillies £250,000 Old mile i bet on horse quadrilateral each way who became third. COuld you please advise? I am new to this
  6. I have a problem when click the slot, exactly I would like to open a slot, but after the click reload the main page. It just appear on tablet, the slots are works perfect on smartphone.
  7. This is ment for short term and can be used for long term playing, for long term play from another country than your own, tell the LC or some staff here on Community: There are 3 diffrent free DNS you can use, the only one I know work even in high sencored contrys are Googles. 1: Google: https://www.windowscentral.com/how-change-your-pcs-dns-settings-windows-10 2: OpenDNS: https://support.opendns.com/hc/en-us/articles/228007207-Windows-10-Configuration 3: Cloudflare: https://windowsreport.com/dns-server-1-1-1-1/ Recomend Cloudflare for securety but hey any choise is fully legal and accepted from Unibet, especially if you getting sencored, even I get that on some place and I have to use this sollution, actually strange that my country follow US\EU crappy laws....wonder where my freedom actually going soon... FYI: if you bother to google a little there is a waste free open DNS out there I just listed the 3 I trust. If you want total privacy like VPN\Proxy and so on, then I think Unibet will not allow it....it make a mess later whith your IP\MAC and so on...
  8. After my deposit I got 13 freespins on Advent calendar. Open the slot and the system ask reject, claim or use later the free spins. Click claim now, of course, but cannot use it.
  9. Cant play any of them anymore.... I got error saying my credentials are not ok..?????
  10. This has been pretty annoying for a long time now, but could the info be finally added to the games thumbnails, so there wouldn't always be the need to click and wait for the gamepage to load in order to see which providers game it is? Would be a lot better if the info is there directly to be seen immediately, making it by far more enjoyable navigating experience. Even if it's added to the second layer, when you hover the mouse over it. It'd only take a tiny logo e.g. to the corner of a thumbnail to know. Cheers
  11. I deposited with a first time deposit enough to earn 100 free spins, I received 10 straight away but I’ve been waiting for two days for my other 90 spins, when do I receive these? It said within one day but they haven’t appeared?
  12. I would like to withdraw some winnings while I still have an active bonus on my account. Can I cancel the bonus or will my winnings disappear as well? Why do I only get £2 if I withdraw to Paypal? Does it mean if I use a bank I get 100% of the figure (- minus the bonus of course).
  13. Ahr


    Hi, was playing casino, mystery joker. Was playing free roll, and suddenly there was problems during communication with your server. Missed a lot of money on it. Maybe Unibet can see this on a log?
  14. Why not something when you turn a wheel lets call it Unibets Loyal Bonus Wheel ;) (or something else) my point is i recieve allmost nothing no deposit not even a deposit bonus or almost never Sow lets make a wheel you can turn everyday en win something like : freespins 10, 20 / freebet 5 / 10 / deposit bonus 50% - 200% / Superfreespins / No- deposit bonus Just saying i like Unibet butt you get No real push for a deposit to make it only comes from 1 site and thats transfer money to us. grts
  15. Amorim

    App lag

    Hi unibet app don’t stop lagging for a weak now , it’s very slow and it’s almost impossible to bet that way. I love the service unibet offer but the application ain’t good at all and need serious improvements.
  16. Hello ; i cant play my games i always playing, i cant find them enymore ; all dice games are gone from the site ?!!! when will they be back or its for always gone, they the only games i play so if they not comming back i will probely need to delet my account; + i have 100€ to play dice games but i notice when open unibet poker i cant use my money for poker games ? is this normal? play replay asap , tyvm marleen
  17. Ive lost twice now free spins fist 10cent bet on lord of the ocean got no database error lost money and the bonus free spins and now i got the same on book of ra 6 20cent bet got to spin first free spin with aces and then no database error?? and bonus/bet money lost heres screen shot with the game ticket too ive got this error now 5 times and two of those times were bonus so starting to feel like im getting scammed here very fishy never ever before seen this error or lost bonus due any error in novomatics
  18. I think it would be an improvement if you could see how many lotteries you've collected for those campaigns where you need to wager X amount to get a ticket for a later prizedraw. Aside from keeping track of them it's also a visible confirmation that they've been counted & confirmed. As for live draws they add a lot of excitement, pretty straightforward.
  19. Re: Something wrong all that cash Hello im not so good in english but i try to explain I was playing "all that cash" 4 and 5 th februar The slots was stopped with this dollar sign on 3000 and when slots was stopped and i won so come community error and the slots game was restart and when the game was restart again so money was away so i dont get them it was happened 2 times when i won The first time it was just 200 and the second time slots was stopped on 3000 for the first time for me and game was starded new game Im not sure about time
  20. Happy Halloween! After launching the Razortooth from the poker client's casino bar, first it shows the starting infobox, but then the spooky ghost of that evil litter box keeps on haunting people, when it's closed. Still stays there when set to fullscreen view. Tried it couple of times last weekend, and nothing has changed after that. Didn't try anything else as far as I remember, so have fun going through all the other games as well
  21. It would be good if all slots started at the same value as you last played it at. If that can't be done it would be better (IMO) if the slots default value was set to the lowest possible.
  22. Hi, Can you please change my nickname on unibet Casino to Jipedi
  23. Hi guys. I wrote you, but somehow it was deleted. (may be some bug) It Hexa pro flip you say, that there's spins in euro, but, when you spin- evr. in $. Do you give spins in euro or dollar? Cause dollar costs less. TY. Waiting for response.
  24. Turbo4player takes the bet, but does not finish the game. I tried twice and it only takes the bet and keeps spinning.. Lose everytime, nice gaming system.
  25. Hi, I believe that the Slot game bet prices should go down (eg 0.05) so that every player gets a chance to try it out.
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