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Found 12 results

  1. Opening this thread, because every now and then there's all kinds of typos seen in official texts. Starting with this one from the Finnish deposit-page. Not very representative for company, nor appealing to see it if you're are new customer. Been there for ages.
  2. Watch the video below for a quick introduction to our great bingo platform :) If you'd like to know more about the basics of the game, watch this video.
  3. I was curious about my weekly -/+ Casino and Bingo so I checked the relatevely new option more thouroughly. First I should mention that I've played with no bonus at Bingo and about the Casino I used some of the holiday offers which I remember was too small to be left after 810BGN only in winnings. So it might be an actual bug or some sort of miscalculation. No way even with all of my ADD and absent-mindfulness or ocassional sleep deprivation to miss a win that equals a decent monthly wage in my country. On top of it was won with Total bet:0 Also when I use the predefined or a period longer than this week ,in which I gambled way more than usual and was at -- a small(loss limits), but missed some chances for playing the Supernova from casino qualifier :Laugh: , there seems to be no error:
  4. Ant ideas/plans from the Mods/Community Members for a celebration ?
  5. I dont mind loosing monney but hey look att the pic ^^ Havent had level 300 ish for about 2 year...who turfed my Loyalty and most important is the prices I get based on my correct level 417 or 336 on the spin I have there now, also see the spinns I already have taken this month..is the same. Just saw it today....then remember that it been like this for some while...was to bussy playing poker and casino + bingo same time so forgot it... @JeppeL @RayL a little help would be nice :)
  6. I noticed that we moving closer & closer to the 10 000 Community Members Milestone achievement . I know it's a little bit early but...Well Done & Congrats to Unibet & all the Mods. Job Well Done !!! OK... so here is my question/suggestions ? *( Please feel free to add your suggestions Community Members, from Bingo to Sports betting & everything in between. I'm mainly a poker customer, so my idea/suggestions will be mostly poker related yeah ) I was wondering if there was a Poker Freeroll in the pipeline for the 10k Community Members Milestone ? If so, could I suggest that it has a format that goes something like this. Actually I would to see 3 freerolls ( just to make it fair for all members, new & old... & to give the Members who have been around a little longer a little reward by upping their chips in the second tourney & thirdly a flat out fair to all flip tourney ). The first suggested one would just be a plain, run of the mill Tourney, lets call it the 10 000 Community Members Milestone 1A . Something like a 2c bounty tourney with a 10 000c prize pool, open to all Members. Lets call the second Tourney the 10 000 Community Members Milestone 1B , it would have a format that goes something like this... your starting chips are calculated as follows. ( Amount of time as a member of the Community ) X ( Community Rank ) = Starting Chips... open to all Members. Both Tourneys 1A & 1B will feature bountys on any Mods that can make it to play. The third Tourney will be known as the 10 000 Community Members Milestone 1C. This will be a all-in, flip Tourney where everyone starts with 1 chip, top 10 get paid, open to all Members. For Bingo my suggestion is 1 Bingo competition where members get tickets according to their Community Rank eg :- Rank 10 = 10 Bingo tickets... or, a Bingo competition where all Community Members get 10 tickets to a once off 10 000 Community Members Milestone Bingo Competition. Let us know what you think & add your own suggestions & ideas. 10 000 Members is around the corner !!!
  7. When trying to log into Bingo and Miner Moe f. Ex, it says in the main window in Bingo, that error ip blocked, and I can't play the mini games iv also had problems with lagging on speed bingo and other bingos, why is that? Kind regards Torkel Rødal
  8. Since some days I can't see the upcoming Bingo tournaments on the German page, so I can't opt-in and participate in them. Only the finished tournaments are visible. This happens in three different browsers I have installed. BTW I can see the tournaments on the .eu page, but when I login there I am redirected to the German page, so this doesn't help.
  9. Hello, Like all bingoplayers we can play an extra game since a few weeks (for the raffle tickets to win). Today there are still 41 days to play this. But the game that I have to play is : "Je zit nog steeds gevangen! Koop 5 kaarten bij Fairway." I already bougt 4 times those tickets in the Fairway room but it's not working. It stays the same telling me "Je zit nog steeds gevangen! Koop 5 kaarten bij Fairway." So there is something wrong and I don't know what to do to get further in this extra game. I can't find a supportpage to ask UNIBET about this issue so I'm putting my question here. Hopefully you can help me with this and yoy can tell me what I have to do. Best regards, Marjon alias muizeke74
  10. Bring Back Bingo Tournamentssss!! What happened to the mid week mini game tourneys and all the bingo promotions. stake for the NON winning scratchcards is getting very old now too.......Anyone else miss these or just me? literally very rare you get a bingo promotion now.....especially mini game tournaments, i miss them lol
  11. This happens when I have 2 rooms open and is very annoying especially when switching to the 1tg one. After you hit the desired number you win... nothing. It is very misleading and makes me play at only one most of the time. I know there aren't many bingo players here, but have anyone else experienced this bug?
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