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  1. Hi there, Just wondering how to place my free bets from welcome offer... I can see them in my account but are in "Pending" rather than "Available" so I can't seem to use them. Am patient enough to wait, but can see they look to expire on Sunday so wanted to get a move on! Thank you!
  2. Hi there, I've got a pending free bets assigned to my account. They've been pending for the past 2 days, it seems like they got stuck or something. Can anybody advise what to do with it ? Cheers
  3. Opening this thread, because every now and then there's all kinds of typos seen in official texts. Starting with this one from the Finnish deposit-page. Not very representative for company, nor appealing to see it if you're are new customer. Been there for ages.
  4. Hi, I just got 3 correct bets on Streakr in a row. I received a $3 free. I was wondering why I did not get a $5 free bet as expected. Thank you. Best, Laurent
  5. As a new customer I must say how disappointed i am with the level of service from Unibet. A customer service department that cannot answer a question other that to say it is the weekend and the department concerned has minimal staff. Then to get an email from customer support which was totally irelavent to me and should of gone to another customer is frankly unbelievable and must be in contavention of data protection etc.. Fortunatley there were no details in the email that could of compromised the other customer. Yes i did get an email back when I pointed this out apologising for the mistake but it shouldn't happen in the first place. Now on the account verification screen it says 1 to 3 working days for you to completre the process how so? every other company I have had to do this with it has been completed in 24 hours and in most cases the same day. so far a very bad customer experience and i am strongly considering what action I will take next
  6. I deposited 10 euros into the account just to place down a longshot bet on a Stanley Cup champion but because of the bonus campaign it added 10 euros as a bonus but it lists all 20 euros AS BONUS when it SHOULD be 10 euros in hand and 10 euros bonus and BECAUSE the bonus campaign expires before the Stanley Cup championship is determined it claims that I do not have the necessary funds to place the 10 euro bet. This is ridiculous.
  7. Hi. I signed up last week to unibet, enjoying it so far for what it's worth. move had a look through the site and thought I'd opted into the bet club after I signed up. I went to check on the free bet and I hadn't opted in and done so there. its a long shot (pun intended) I know, can this be backdated for last week, a one of goodwill, welcome to the club type thing? I'd appreciate any help on this. Thanks, Stuart.
  8. Hi there, I have placed qualifying bets whih should have released free bets but they are showing in my free bets as pending. Shouldn't they be active now I have qualified them? Thank you!
  9. Hello, New here so apologies for the noob question. Currently I have a balance of 2349 in the poker bonus shop. How to I accumalate these points? When I complete challenges it is not increasing.. Thanks!
  10. Quiz Game gives me the following error:
  11. Dear Unibet, I despoted 15eu eith the sport bonus of 100% I did a bet of 10eu, but somehow al my money was gone? My 20 bonus money was gone and my bet. Did I somehow canceld it? I did absolutly not wanted to that! Pleas help me out I want to get my money back!
  12. ive just signed in in the active bonus it says free spins. where can i get them? ia unbibet reachable by mail?
  13. good day. TLDR. I cannot register to excess and designated flip freeroll with tickets given out in the token game. I can register with 1 ticket. However, if I chose to use more of them (tried using 2, 3, 10), the info tab pops up saying that tickets are invalid. Here are some screenshots. p.s. Merry xmass you filthy animal, bratatatatatatatatatatata. And a happy new year bratatatatatata. p.p.s that's a Home Alone reference
  14. No Freebet received desite several payable b'ets placed
  15. Any one care to share a password for a freeroll please
  16. helo i just purchased 20Euro for nlh 4e but i didnt wanted that i wanted for omaha 4e can you change it for me pls
  17. Hi there... I've used 1.000 of my bonuspoints to buy 5 EUR bonus (x2)...i just received notifications that i've "received a bonus. 5 EUR bonus"... 2 notifications...shouldn't i have 10 EUR in my bankroll? did i misunderstand something? any way i can get the points back so i can exchange with something else? like a 10 NL cash ticket?
  18. Is this supose to pay 99.5% of my bet back if i lost the bet? Og was this a 99.5% payback boost if i won?
  19. Hi, my first bet was lost and met the criteria for £30 free bet, it has been over 24hrs, when will I receive the free bet? Thanks.
  20. Hi, I have not received my freebet from the freebet club? I have placed 5 in play bets as per the rules? my bets were:- 2599284510, 2597725296, 2597509551, 2597480311, 2595121488.. can someone help please thanks steve
  21. E-mail receiveced 4th June offering bet £25 on Bundersliag of odds 2.0 or above and get £25 free bet. Bet £25 on Wolfsberg at odds of 2.14 and free bet has not been received. Can you please look into this on my behalf. Thanks
  22. Quite a traightforward one this. As a new customer, I am amazed that my welcome freerolls seem to return Omaha tickets only, and not cash or hold em prizes. If somebody could tell me how paying out in a variance that people have not even proved they are able to play is promoting responsible gambling, then feel free to enlighten me. My view, is it's a very sneaky thing to do. Why should new customers be expected to accept Omaha tickets they have no interest in using as prizees to claim tickets that were part of their promotion?? Thanks, EugenicistGates
  23. Hi, Unibet! I have now accepted my bonus, and its now in progress. The next step is to activate the bonus. How do i activate my bonus for 250NOK? Best Regards, Ola Ravndal
  24. Hey guys @ReCorpH Is there any posibility to implement this idea ? For example i win 10 Euro freebet and i want to split this amount and place 5 different bets with 2 Euro each. Thanks
  25. Hello, today I invited my friend to unibet. She started playing on odds, so now i wonder when I got my bonus? Simon
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