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  1. My account is already verified but when i try to make a deposit it displays the following message "You need to verify your account before you can make a deposit. It's easy to do so - please upload the required documents on the 'Verify Account' page in your account." What is wrong?
  2. Hi, I tried to deposit 434€ last night on my account which was the maximum i was allowed to deposit due to my deposit limit. The first time i tried depositing the money didn't came through on my unibet account, so i tried depositing again. The second time it worked and the money was in my account. However when i checked the bank account i saw there were 2 transfers of 434€. Now i would like to get back the 434€ which i deposited and which didn't came through on my account on unibet. Picture of the transfer and reference is in this post.
  3. Opening this thread, because every now and then there's all kinds of typos seen in official texts. Starting with this one from the Finnish deposit-page. Not very representative for company, nor appealing to see it if you're are new customer. Been there for ages.
  4. I deposited 10 euros into the account just to place down a longshot bet on a Stanley Cup champion but because of the bonus campaign it added 10 euros as a bonus but it lists all 20 euros AS BONUS when it SHOULD be 10 euros in hand and 10 euros bonus and BECAUSE the bonus campaign expires before the Stanley Cup championship is determined it claims that I do not have the necessary funds to place the 10 euro bet. This is ridiculous.
  5. Hi all, I tried to top up my account from my PayPal balance but transaction was rejected OOPS!We're sorry, your deposit has been rejected. Please try again and contact us if the problem persists. I tried different amounts but still nothing. Can you advise?
  6. Hai


    Inwant to know if i depoait money of my own fund any wagering requires or not.
  7. Every time I try to deposit money it is telling me that I need to verify my account. However, when I go to verify it says I am all set! Getting very annoyed with it now and the lack of livechat to get support. Also, no matter how many times I change odds to decimal they go back to fractional.
  8. Hello! Earlier in the week I tried to deposit funds the same way I always have, and a window appears that says: Unexpected token< in JSON at postion 0. The under that it just shows the swirling symbol and 'loading'... This has been the case after multiple attempts. Same thing when I tried with my phone as well. Can someone get back to me about this please? - Thank-you in advance!
  9. Dear Unibet, I despoted 15eu eith the sport bonus of 100% I did a bet of 10eu, but somehow al my money was gone? My 20 bonus money was gone and my bet. Did I somehow canceld it? I did absolutly not wanted to that! Pleas help me out I want to get my money back!
  10. Hi, Im a new account holder and just tried to make a visa depsoit. It was declined for some reason, and yes I do have money in my bank account :-) Im located in Bosnia, and I bank with Lloyds Offshore (situated in the Isle of Man). Would this be the reason for the failed transaction?
  11. I made withdraw and after that i cant use paysafecard for deposit. I mostly used paysafecard and now that option has disappeared, so what is the problem?
  12. Trying to deposit but saying I need to verify my account but when I go on to verify my account it says all set enjoy?
  13. Is there an issue atm I can follow the transaction through to the site but no change in funds..
  14. I have cash on my UNIBET account, but it doesn’t show up in the UNIBET poker app. Why?
  15. Hi, I've been using Unibet for years and never had any issues depositing and withdrawing money. But now, when I try to make a deposit, I am told I need to verify my account by going to the 'Verify Account' page. But when I go to that page, it tells me that I have already verified my account: "You are all set! There are no pending documents or withdrawals on hold. Enjoy our site." But I still can't deposit/withdraw cash! How can I fix this? Thanks Greg
  16. Just made a deposit and my money is in sportsbetting atm.... can i transfer it to poker?
  17. Dylan97


    Why cant you use paypal to make deposit
  18. Hi, This is my first time on this site, would appreciate some help with this... I took the poker offer which said "Deposit £10 and play with £50!" and made the deposit. When I go to the poker site it says I have £0. The funds still show up on the main unibet site though. What's going on? I saw a similar post a while ago that said the bonus money couldn't be wagered on poker but that's not in the T&Cs of the offer I took, so how come my money won't show up in poker? Thanks :D
  19. Hi, It seems I cannot deposit anymore. I get a message " OOPS!You need to verify your account before you can make a deposit. It's easy to do so - please upload the required documents on the 'Verify Account' page in your account." Still when I go to the verify account, the message is You are all set! There are no pending documents or withdrawals on hold. Enjoy our site. What should I do ?
  20. Hi, I just opened a Unibet account to bet on McGregor in UFC with odds boost: https://welcome.unibet.com/no/sportsbook/ufc/odds-boost/index.html?mktid=1:320667720:31448688-34756 however, after I registered and put in money, I cannot find the bet with the boost? How can I find it? Or is this a scam? If I cannot bet on this I want my money back. Can someone help me?
  21. hello. So earlier i've deposited 10€ in my account and it didnt show up even tho the money was taken from my bank account, after that i tried again with 5€ and it worked. some help?
  22. I made deposit to my account and the money didn't show up on my account wallet. What I do now?
  23. I have been testing sometimes to deposit money using 3 random digits as CVC, and it always works. Isn't this bad for the security of the users?
  24. i have deposit money on my account ,i did not received it .. can u help me please . i have deposit 15 euro
  25. I made deposit 21.11.2019 .25 and 26 f but on my unibet acount i get 26 only
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