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Found 4 results

  1. Unibet has been my main poker site for years now, always choosing to play here, always recommending it to friends and the like. Never faced any issues, never had to contact them before. After my experience with the customer support, and the complete disregard for what I was saying about the bug I faced which costed me money, I shall never be playing here again. I do not feel comfortable with them handling my money anymore. What happened was that a bug in the phone app, had me buy into a heads-up game after I left the queue, and the game wasn't showing up. While playing my hexapro extreme, I notice that my balance was missing the money. I had to quickly sign out and sign back in again, at which point the heads up game that wasn't showing before came up(was blinded down by about 20% of my stack). Not only that, but as I tried to click play(afk button) on this new window that just popped up, it quickly switched back to the hexapro which made me missclick an all-in and lose the game(which hadn't landed on the godawful reward of one single buy in, like it usually does). Obviously had I made the missclick because of connection issues, I would take it on the chin. But this was due to an issue of the app that messed up my games, had me looking away from the table in confusion over where my balance had gone, and made me hurry and log out to try and get the game I PAYED for, up and running. When I contacted them about it, they ignored everything I was saying, and chucked it down to connection issues, clearly not reading through my email where I made it very clear I was still connected and playing on a table with no lag or nothing, when the issue occurred. Here's a direct quote from them once I had to tell them for a third time there were no connection issue "If the App is playing up for you, then I would suggest deleting it and uploading the App again. Your other option would be to sign in through the site. " "... we will not be offering any compensation for any games played on the 7th." That, I found especially disgusting. So if an issue with your software causes players to lose their money, then it's on them. So for example, if your client bugs out and forgets how much money one of your users has in their balance, there's nothing you can do about it. Right? Great, thanks for telling me. I shall never be playing here again, and I advice anyone to take their money off here, and to a more trustworthy site.
  2. One of the players on my parlay was voided as non-starter. This is somehow a mistake. Tony DeAngelo started and did score the point. Possibly this happened as right above him I had Charlie McAvoy to score a point and then McAvoy tested positive for COVID-19. McAvoy did not play. He was legitimately a non-starter but DeAngelo played and scored the point. It's only a small bet but it's the principal of the thing. Please address this. Especially if Kaprizov scores for Minnesota in a little while. Ticket ID 4642939511 Thank you!
  3. Customer service at its finest this. Absolute joke Just so you get the moral of the story this was the 3rd chat 13 hours after my 1st one with another woman who said she has escalated it to the right department they will get back to mr . Turns she dis nothing except feed me a load off bull shit theres another 3 pages to this chat to verify it But the last 2 pages are what I'm on about. NO REPECT This Is the moral to it all I was playing on a game mainly doing 40p spins sometimes 60s sometimes 20s. bearing in mind they can see all my account history what going back from my 1st spin on a game for example the game in question the most I used on a spin was 80p on king Kong megaways I was doing £1 spins same with fishing frenzy megaways but mainly between 20p n 60p per spin Then I'm down to my last 14.13p I press spin at 40p stake leaving 13.73 So I press spin again and Then this happens I get an error code plz restart the game. So I do restart it, only to find my balance on 0.00. So am thinking WTF I had £13 on there before, so am trying to find out were I can see my last spins as never had this be4 Money just disappearing out of my account The I see this so now am actually really thinking WTF hows that happened, so I reload the game, to look at my game history to find out what happened and hope it was there mistake and it will go back in my account and wat I see next is a fucking joke So it's done a £15 spin even thought I only h £13.73 in my account so I say to myself it's got to be an error with the game and it will be back in my account in a min OBV it's not so I go on chat explains what has happened she says I'll pass it over to the relevant team and they will contact me, then this guy said she hasn't escalated the matter theres been no contact with me nothing End of the day why would I do 1 spin of £13 when I've been playing that game for last hour on 20p 40p Common sense tells u that £13 is a lot for 1 spin on a slot game, it's even worse when they have my account history and can see all my transactions . All he had to do is scroll down the list and he would of clearly seenit and thought fuck me, her biggest stake was £1 so y the fuck would u spin ure last 13 pound in 1 spin if that was the case I might aswell of done that from the begining instead of spinning over £800 pound 6 hours Absolute nonsense I just want my money back and let's be honest here I would of only still spent it all on the game anyway. But it's the fact I no I didn't press £15 spin only a dick head would be pressing £15: spins PS can any1 from here sort this much appreciated Stacey
  4. Hi I just want to leave a feedback on Unibet's Customer Service as I have mixed experience with it. It is the Norwegian Customer Service I am using. On the chat everything seems fine and they are happy etc. I reach out by mail sometimes because I expect to get more complete answers there even if it takes longer time. Now I had two cases where it seems that the Customer Service is organized strangly and just want to finish cases as fast as possible without thought for the customer/player. 1: -Asking for when they will launch more Greentube slots and mention some of them by name. -Got the answer that they do not know, but will send it to the casino departement. -The two following days two new Greentube slots is randomly released, one of them is one I asked about by name. -Receives no following up answer that new slots are released. Why didn't Customer Service know about this release? 2: -Complaining about an issue I won't bring up here. -Recieves an ignorant answer not even answering half of my questions. If it is too hard to answer my questions, please send it to a person that are willing to answer. I hope Unibet can improve the Customer Service at least in the departement I am contacting.
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