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About Me

  1. Christmas is all about giving so Santa has something special prepared for the Community! Every day there will be 5 gifts 🎁 hidden somewhere on the forum.. Find it first and comment in said thread to claim the contents! Be fast, the first 5 are already hidden! Terms and conditions Customers from Sweden and Belgium can not take part in this promotion The promotion starts the 14th December 2022 and ends 24th December 2022 Each gift can only be claimed once Only one gift can be claimed by a customer Gifts will be credited within 72 hours once found We reserve the right to change the promotion at any time We reserve the right to exclude customers from this promotion General Unibet terms and conditions apply
  2. Opening this thread, because every now and then there's all kinds of typos seen in official texts. Starting with this one from the Finnish deposit-page. Not very representative for company, nor appealing to see it if you're are new customer. Been there for ages.
  3. 3 views, you choose which you like the best: 1) the "normal" view, similar to what we have now 2) "Grid view", 2 categories side to side with nice little pictures, pleasing to look at. 3) "Superuser" mode, you choose the categories you wish to see topics from the right side and only see those. Great view to use if you wish to filter out some sections of the Community.
  4. @ReCorpH asked feedback somewhere, don't remember where, so i'll suggest this here: How about if we could watch unibet twitch streams in new community? I think it would be cool feature for example future community league (if someone streams) and ofc for other unibet steamers as well. I know it is possible cause they do it in other sites (comeon wespin for example), don't have any idea if it costs something or what are terms to be able to do it or even technically possible but anyways it would be easier to watch here and it would bring streams and option to chat to those who don't want use twitch.
  5. Seems another bug due to migration issues again maybe? As we had most of the topics locked last week this seems like another bug where when you add a picture to your post it doesn't add any comments yet you can see them on the edit page. Added Cat with a mouth mask! as a comment on this picture.
  6. it's weird players don't get the option to chat with eachother at the pokertables. Why isn't this a thing? Sincerely, Testosterony!
  7. Hi everybody. I would like to propose idea for a basketball competition. For all the time i've been in this community i've seen only one competition associated with basketball and it was NBA not our European one. We have football, tennis, nfl, even fighting competitions but never basketball European Championship or Euroleague typing. It is very strange and i completly do not understand it. Maybe Unibet don't have many basketball tipsters? I don't believe it. I used to go to my local 1st league team matches and there were always full hall of fans, when watching our higher league in tv the same, halls always full. Considering that my country is not the country with basketball as main liked sport, it's not even second or third i think such a competition would be popular and well received here, especially that we have people in community from countries that value basketball more than me. I know, maybe it's not the best time to post this idea. Ray is gone, Jeppe is gone now too. Community finished many promos lastly. On the other side it could be the best time for idea like this. I am not telling to do this right now or in the nearest future. Just want to consider sometimes our European basketball here, we will see how many people will like this idea.
  8. So here is my new idea... If you can break your UO tickets down into smaller denominations in the lobby, with the UO ticket exchange tourneys, for example, a UO €10 ticket for 10x€1 UO tickets, would it be possible to make tourneys in the lobby where one could exchange your tickets into higher denominations, for example, if you had 10x€1 UO tickets you could register & get 1x€10 UO ticket. Would something like this be possible ?
  9. Suddnely shows that there are new notifications, but actually there aren't. Also this is not my avatar also. When I click on notifications everything returns to normal. Some bug, happened twice.
  10. Can u add "insert emoticons" button into quick reply....some times it when quick reply someone i want to add emoticon but there is no button no good to remember all shortcuts...
  11. IsidorDunkan


    Hello community!:rockon: What do you think about 6+ Hold'em? This type of poker is very popular with high stakes regulars and it would be great to feel in their place in unibet poker😏
  12. I have 347 messages in my box. I would like to delete 50-100 letters, but cannot delete these at the same time only separately. Can you solve this problem? Thx.
  13. Something like that. Competition hosts could add pending prices there and mods could sign them as paid or delete when paid. Positives: -members would now when prices are paid so they wouldn't have to ask if they haven't received them -modulators could pay them if they have none to do but scratch bottom and ease workload of other mods -everyone would be up to speed Negatives: -none that i can think of
  14. Hmm, what are posts worth? Some none yet some have have great value in form of getting product better, helping other customers etc, overall more positive experience of Unibet and saving them salary money of hiring people to do this for them. Well, not all positive but as long there is discussion must be good, after all there is no such thing as bad publicity 😏 What the hell are you talking about some might ask. Lost your nuts or feeling tipsy? No and no. Yes and yes :laugh:Anyways, to my calculations, one post is worth around 1 cent (and we have one of best education in here so it can't be far off) And referring to that math, would it be too much to ask to get 2000€ freeroll soon? 😛
  15. What do you think about a Community Freeroll Championship? I mean it would be nice to have 2 weekly community freerolls with monthly leaderboard. Then, at the end of the month, first 10 players at the top of the leaderboard to win some poker tickets or free spins.
  16. This is an idea that was suggested by a member of the UAT that I shall not reveal here as he might become a millionaire due to it! The basic concept is that because it's not humanely possible to respond to every single message in a timely fashion the service for everyone is downgraded to a very unprofessional level, therefore, starting today 01-04-2020, and this has already been approved by the CEO of unibet Magnus Magnusenstrøm, and as you can see reading this a few minutes after it being posted it's still not marked as Accepted by lazy @Stubbe-Unibet , this is exactly the kind of behavior this measure is meant to correct! How will the new system work? It's quite simple, the more you rake the more interactions with staff you can have on this forum, whether help with an issue, feedback, ideas, bugs, it all will be "paid" with the hidden balance on your account of how much you raked this quarter (the implementation will likely use challenge points). So let's say this quarter you raked 100$ by playing various games, if you require the assistance of a staff memeber with a support issue 10€ from that virtual balance will be deducted that will guarantee you a response within 7 working days. Every subsequent response or clarification that you require for the same issue the cost per response will grow by 50% compared to the previous one, so you would start at 10€ for the 1'st response, 2'nd would cost 15€ , 3'rd 22.5€, 4'th 33.8€ so on and so forth. Responses that are deemed by the staff memeber as a "waste of time" will still be given regardless of their opinion as it will be a paid service, but the person requesting it will have a surcharge deducted of 50€ rake. Keep in mind that none of this is paid with real money, it's all an extra perk that you can get for the rake you generate on the site, a perk that you did not have until now, and it will guarantee a certain standard of professionalism that we've never had before. That being said, if you reach 3 "useless" responses (and this includes password requests) during a calendar month there will be an extra penalty in the form of a restriction from any freeroll on the site for the next 30 days, and all your tickets will be voided. This is to prevent people abusing this system and trolling the staff just because they've raked "a lot". This system is going to improve everyone's experience with the community and with the staff tremendously and I'm quite excited for this change, and the reason I posted this here despite already it being accepted by the higher ups, is because the community has always been by players for players and input of the players is always valuable, so do you agree with the new system? do you think the requirements are too low and they should be 20€ per response?
  17. @RayL I have this error "You have reached the limit for number of private messages that you can send for now. Please try again later." I have sended 1 message(today) in the past month and i receive this I tried to delete some old message but still not working
  18. It's been over a week or even more since the community site seems to be very slow. Whenever i wanna refresh, it takes 20-30 seconds, or even more to perform this action. It happens constantly and not sure if it's only me having this issue, but all the other sites i'm using are working just fine. So there must be something wrong on your end.
  19. When you flip the badge and take out your cursor from the badge then the description disappears.
  20. I played at mixed tables ... namely 10 hands of texas holdem, then 10 hands of omaha ... it turns out interestingly and was in demand
  21. Any chance that any member of staff reply to questions now that ray is gone? I consider myself reasonable guy but if you think my questions are not reasonable, simple fu would be better than nothing at all. Won't go and complain about that to anyone, i promise :D Also i don'i consider me as anyones ❤️♥️❤️ and begging for answers multiple times so i post this friendly suggestion ;)
  22. There's a faulty link in the description of the advent promotion, please go HERE for the correct post about today's Christmas freerolls :) Compete against fellow community members in our weekly Community Poker series - One evening a week, four tournaments, four different structures and four different buy in levels. To ramp it up, there'll be a raffle each week with exciting extra prizes /html/images/emoticons/Asset1.png Each tournament needs a password to join, you may find all passwords by logging in and going here :) Each week we'll usually play 2-3 tournaments, all starting at the same time - 20.30 CET - In the first week we will play on Monday, the next week it will be Tuesday, the week after that Wednesday, etc. On each of these days you can play three tournaments: €10 Bounty - 5000 starting stack - 8 minute blinds €5 Bounty - 4000 starting stack - 7 minute blinds €1 Bounty - 3000 starting stack - 6 minute blinds Important notice: Sorry guys, but I'm having trouble with the back office and have to re-set my user so have to cancel today's round of Community Poker! Leaderboard standings: PlayerWinscomanimal10triceraatop 6cameleonoul6Causality4traart4whereisrivaldo4Psycho794DS2423miziel3Av0kado3Ja-Z-Polszy3MetalWolf2totowizmar2Check_Norris2OmNomNom2Kliedz_Zivju2RaulonY2goord1Sadface11ProGame1McCallister1ZudWa1Neumanriel1FaiBeaEmo1chester1101JokerJames951cris12851KostenBerg1Livertool1Merenitsu 1mikemersey1CreativeLe1ibrul1EatMoreNaga1Shulya851AndreiBN1MaecTpo1Hotzonicu1AceJackTwin1Iceman1Janek1Karl1HAI_ROMANIA1Patsgnome1GothMoth1mochalov131Karmasuper1 To join the fun, here's what's good to know: Joining the tournaments requires both a password + cash buy in or MTT ticket of proper value.Playing all Community Poker tournaments with a poker alias identical to, or very close to your community alias brings significant advantages /html/images/emoticons/Asset1.pngAfter the tournaments start, a double raffle will be held. The first raffle decides the extra prizes and the second one which tournament gets them.All Community Poker final tables count towards the Podium Hunters leaderboard challenges, no matter the total number of players entering. And here's what you need to do: Play with your community alias! To be eligible for the extra prizes, badges and potential Podium Hunters leaderboard points, you must play the tournaments with a poker alias identical, or very similar to your community alias. Please ask in the discussion thread if you're unsure if anything regarding your alias. Yearly Leaderboard: In the post below, we're counting all Community Poker tournament wins of 2019 with the following prizes: 1st: Unibet Open 2020 package 2nd: €250 Unibet Open qualifier ticket + 100 x €1 Casino Free Spins 3rd: €250 Unibet Open qualifier ticket Yearly Winners Tournament: At the end of the year, all winners of Community Poker tournaments except the winner of the leaderboard, gets to play a tournament with a 2020 UO package for 1st place. Badge Information: Earn these badges by winning Community Poker tournaments: "King/Queen of Community Poker" - 5 or more overall Community Poker tournament wins."Community Emperor/Empress" - The person with the most overall Community Poker tournament wins. Rules, terms and conditions: General Unibet Terms and Conditions apply.Don't cheat - Any players found colluding will be banned and lose eligibility to play in future Community Poker tournaments.You must be a member of Unibet Community to take part in any part of the promotion.You must play Community tournaments with a poker alias identical, or very similar to your community alias to be eligible for extra prizes and badges.Unibet reserves the right to change or cancel this promotion at any time.
  23. How do comment or ask questions in post when you can't reply bug detected ;)
  24. Hello. What do you think about possibility to play backgammon, games and tournaments on Unibet?
  25. Hey guys, our Head of Poker Kristoffer Bergvall mentioned in the 7 questions for Unibet's Head of Poker interview community is a place where players can interact /make a conversation to sponsored players. Unfortunately I can't find where can I do this, so would you so kind linking those topics please? I hope this is not a bug or so. Thanks and regards
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