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Found 12 results

  1. i have a bonus to use on the game crazy coin flip. . the page before the game opens shows 2 boxes. 1. showing bonuds amount. 2. shoswing game to be used on. i clicked on thed game when it opened i started plasying nthe game but then realised it usecd my balance instead of bonus. . so now no balance and still cant access game
  2. Didn't get club reward for two weeks a month ago that worthed 70 euros. I was told to wait for investigation. Its been 1 month and they still haven't paid me or updated me through email. Everytime I talk to them on Live chat, they will always say its pending. What kind of investigation takes 1 month for 70 euros? Its not like its homicide.
  3. I played Temple of the Dead. Once in a while I got in to bonus, after getting 3 books. Decent winnings. After some time I raise the stakes. I spent a lot of money before finally getting 3 books - now I was going to win. But, it errors. My big payday gone. The day after I made contact with support, who told me to delete cache and try again. As it was on my phone and the screen was long gone, there was no way back. I gave up. A few weeks later I was in the playing mood again. I return to Temple of the Dead and soon use maximum stake (20KR=2€), going after the magic books and bonus big payday. After a lot of time and putting more money in my account several times, I finally get 4 magic books. With top stake(about 2€)! Payday?! No, it bugged again! Is there any chance of getting my big payday? Of course I do not want the 2€ back. I want the big bonus or the money spent on getting 4 books. I have seen other people getting help from moderators, who can look in to the "playing file" of players and put things right. I would really appreciate it if that could happen to me too. Thanks in advance
  4. After repeatedly talking to chat support, apparent supervisors snd managers. No one would take the time to listen to me nor look at my proof in regards to the casino club promotion. I’ll leave the exchanges here: Mod Edit: attachments hidden for privacy reasons.
  5. I got this bonus but I have no idea what it is. Anyone knows?
  6. I have a current active bonus, but I'm unable to view it and check the wagering requirements and current status of contributed money etc. Every article or video I have seen on the Unibet website says i should see progress here, but I have contacted live support and they said I will not see it for the type of bonus I have, which is a deposit bonus. This just doesn't seem to make sense to me? Can anyone shed any light on this? Thanks!
  7. Hello! One of the bonuses has provided me a free bet of 1500 HUF. (~5 euros) According the rules I had to place a live bet of at least 1500 HUF on a sport event above the odds of 1.4 and if I lose, Unibet should have refunded the bet. I have bet on the France - Egypt friendly handball match. First the website showed me that the match is over with a result of 30-30, and my prize of 7500 HUF has got added to my balance. After approximately 1 minutes the results have changed to 31-30 and Unibet cancelled my prize, my balance has dropped. Which is alright. But now my bonus is gone, and it says: 'Gratulálunk! /Congratulations Teljesítettél egy bónuszt és 0,00 Ft visszatérítést kaptál./ You have completed your bonus and got 0.0 Euros refund.' What can I do? Not a lot of money but I'm still not happy about 5 Euros... Thank you for your help!
  8. Hi I am unable to withdraw my funds as I have an active bonus and there is no way to cancel. Please cancel the bonus for me and allow me to withdraw my funds.
  9. I bought a 5E playthrough bonus and was expecting to be able to use it directly in cash games but I can't find the 5Euro anywhere? What happened and how do I use the 5E?
  10. Hey! What happened to unibet challenges. Now it seems to apply only for cash games. Before it was also in sit & go games. When Unibet changed that?
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