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Joco Rank 15
Rank 15


ICE Challenge:

Heroic vs VP

It's a 50-50 game, hard to call who will take it. VP is still looking for their 1st win since their roster change. They have a good chance here, but Heroic may still deny them. Over bets on individual maps or over the series look like the best way to wager on this match.

mousesports vs MAD Lions

MAD Lions have shown some great skill and determination lately as they made it to the semi-final of DH Leipzig, but it feels like to be too soon for them to take on the likes of mousesports. There is a chance that they could catch mouse offguard after the player break and make it close - even take a map -, but for the series 1.30 odds on mouse look overwhelming.


NaVi should take this 2-0 even with their roster change. It will be interesting to see how Perfecto performs though.


BLAST Spring:


MIBR has shown some sign of life against Liquid as it took the americans double OT to finally break their spirit. On the other hand NiP couldn't do anything and was dominated by FaZe. With that in mind MIBR should be able to take this match.

FaZe vs Liquid

Match of the day. It will be interesting to see how FaZe prepared for Liquid this time as last year they had little to no success against the americans. I think FaZe had more than enough time to get adjusted and should be able to take this match considering how well they played yesterday albeit against a much weaker opposition.



Joco Rank 15
Rank 15

Despite losses on MIBR and MAD Lions, Wins on VP and especially FaZe boosted my bankroll significantly.

Predictions 2/2/2020

ICE Challenge

VP vs mousesports

Mouse has already won VP's map pick and with that it looks like an easy 2-0 victory for them from here out.

OG vs NaVi

While OG got past ENCE with ease, NaVi struggled against GODSENT yesterday. This may go to the distance but despite the odds in my opinion OG is favored here.

Heroic vs MAD Lions

This match is in favor of the Lions. They should take it 2-0 as they have better form and fire power than Heroic.


ENCE hasn't been able to find form since the departure of Aleksib but they should still be able to defeat a lower level team such as GODSENT.


BLAST Spring

Liquid vs NIP

While NIP performed surprisingly well against MIBR yesterday, it is unlikely that they would be able to challenge a much higher caliber team such as Liquid. Which is why Liquid 2-0 is the most likely outcome here.


Joco Rank 15
Rank 15

Last week we have witnessed some rather unexpected results:. The "Juggernaut" Complexity managed to overtake Astralis with a huge 2-0 upset and then qualified by doing the same to Vitality. Only Na'Vi were able to respond albeit at that time both teams were already qualified to the finals.

As for the final week of the group stage, we have 4 remaining teams: 100T, G2, EG and OG.

By just looking at the team names we could expect some really close games to take place this weekend. The initial 3 teams are closely matched, while OG is the least favored as they have been struggling to find the right start to their campaign, though this could be their final chance to prove themself.


100T vs G2

This game is a 50-50 on paper, however G2 had the better start regarding the results and they should be able to carry it over to this year.

G2 to win @1.80 odds on Unibet.

EG vs OG

It's been a while since we have seen EG play, so it is going to be very difficult for OG to anticipate their playstyle coming into this match, but if they were able to patch up their mistakes they should be able to become a threat.

OG to win @4.25 odds on Unibet

Joco Rank 15
Rank 15

Yesterday's predictions turned out correctly, as both G2 and OG managed to win their respective matches.

As for today:

100T vs EG

Neither team performed well yesterday but their H2H results are overwhelmingly in favor of EG.

EG to win @1.50 odds on Unibet

G2 vs OG

OG will be required to play on another level compared to yesterday's performance against EG to be able to compete here. They still have a lot to grow as a team which is why G2 is favored here.

G2 to win @1.53 odds on Unibet