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RedHotChiliP has earned 28 badges!
  • One Year
    One Year
    Earned by 2,099
    You've been a member for one year, thanks for sticking around.
  • Insightful
    Earned by 190
    Clearly you know your stuff and don’t mind sharing it with the other members, who find your views insightful.
  • Steve Jobs
    Steve Jobs
    Earned by 98
    Your contribution to the ideation category on the community is highly appreciated.
  • Popular
    Earned by 240
    Your peers won’t stop liking your posts and it’s quite clear that your thoughts are popular within the community.
  • Conversation Starter
    Conversation Starter
    Earned by 734
    You want people to engage in conversations with you, so you’ve started multiple threads.
  • Articulate
    Earned by 305
    You know what to say and other members listen.
  • Ten daily logins
    Ten daily logins
    Earned by 582
  • Lightbulb
    Earned by 289
    You earn this badge from your first posted idea, thanks.
  • Much Appreciated
    Much Appreciated
    Earned by 343
    Your posts has been very informative and other members have noticed this, your contribution to the community is much appreciated.
  • Responsive
    Earned by 468
    You are adding to the conversation by answering other community members , because of this we consider you a responsive user.
  • Nine daily logins
    Nine daily logins
    Earned by 629
  • Well Liked
    Well Liked
    Earned by 518
    You stuck with us and continue to contribute with meaningful posts, for this you have become well liked within the community.
  • Staying Engaged
    Staying Engaged
    Earned by 1,444
    You posted once and had to come back for more.
  • Eight daily logins
    Eight daily logins
    Earned by 689
  • Round of Applause
    Round of Applause
    Earned by 833
    People value your opinions and enjoy your posts, this calls for a round of applause.
  • Seven daily logins
    Seven daily logins
    Earned by 753
  • Stamp of Approval
    Stamp of Approval
    Earned by 1,174
    You have contributed more and people are fond of your posts so far, earning you a stamp of approval.
  • Six daily logins
    Six daily logins
    Earned by 813
  • First Topic
    First Topic
    Earned by 4,426
    You contributed to the community by starting a topic.
  • First Reply
    First Reply
    Earned by 4,971
    You engaged the conversation by writing and posting your first reply.
  • First Like
    First Like
    Earned by 2,856
    You made a great post and someone liked it.
  • One Month
    One Month
    Earned by 4,889
    You've participated on the community for a month!
  • Five daily logins
    Five daily logins
    Earned by 929
  • Four daily logins
    Four daily logins
    Earned by 1,076
  • Three daily logins
    Three daily logins
    Earned by 1,337
  • Two daily logins
    Two daily logins
    Earned by 1,895
  • One Week
    One Week
    Earned by 6,184
    You've been with us for a week, what a great start!
  • Welcome
    Earned by 14,958
    You've joined the community, congrats!