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jonny2192 has earned 49 badges!
  • The Comedian 2016
    The Comedian 2016
    Earned by 1
    The funniest member of 2016
  • User of the month June 2016
    User of the month June 2016
    Earned by 1
    User of the month June 2016
  • Post of the week
    Post of the week
    Earned by 6
    You made a great post for the community to enjoy, in fact it was the best this week.
  • Likes Champion
    Likes Champion
    Earned by 10
    A man of the people, a true Likes champion!
  • Savant
    Earned by 9
    You love sharing your opinion and Unibet knowledge, doing it more than the majority of other members.
  • 100 daily logins
    100 daily logins
    Earned by 50
  • One Year
    One Year
    Earned by 290
    You've been a member for one year, thanks for sticking around.
  • Standing Ovation
    Standing Ovation
    Earned by 23
    People can’t get enough of your written opinions, deservedly so you get a standing ovation.
  • Prolific
    Earned by 10
    You have great knowledge on Unibet related chatter and insists on sharing it with the community, for that you earn the badge of a prolific user.
  • Mentor
    Earned by 13
    By giving advice and sharing information with other community members, you are looked on as a mentor by much of the community.
  • 50 daily logins
    50 daily logins
    Earned by 128
  • In High Regard
    In High Regard
    Earned by 43
    Through many good post it has become quite clear that your opinion is in high regard on the forum.
  • Front Line
    Front Line
    Earned by 35
    You are ahead of the conversation and want to share what you know, placing you at the front line of sports, betting and casino talk.
  • Philosopher
    Earned by 22
    You’ve shown great knowledge over a wide array of posts, a true Unibet philosopher.
  • 25 daily logins
    25 daily logins
    Earned by 213
  • The Wright Brothers
    The Wright Brothers
    Earned by 12
    You seem to be quite the innovator. The Wright Brothers are on board.
  • Crowd Pleaser
    Crowd Pleaser
    Earned by 75
    People want to hear what you have to say and you never fail to deliver, a true crowd pleaser.
  • Helping Hand
    Helping Hand
    Earned by 15
    You earn this badge through your helping hand for accepted solutions
  • Scout
    Earned by 95
    You are in the know and always ready to create a needed thread for moving the conversation forward.
  • Insightful
    Earned by 105
    Clearly you know your stuff and don’t mind sharing it with the other members, who find your views insightful.
  • 15 daily logins
    15 daily logins
    Earned by 310
  • Steve Jobs
    Steve Jobs
    Earned by 38
    Your contribution to the ideation category on the community is highly appreciated.
  • Popular
    Earned by 136
    Your peers won’t stop liking your posts and it’s quite clear that your thoughts are popular within the community.
  • Conversation Starter
    Conversation Starter
    Earned by 475
    You want people to engage in conversations with you, so you’ve started multiple threads.
  • Articulate
    Earned by 176
    You know what to say and other members listen.
  • Ten daily logins
    Ten daily logins
    Earned by 410
  • Quick Fix
    Quick Fix
    Earned by 86
    You earn this Quick Fix badge for your great reply that turned out to be marked as your first accepted solution.
  • Lightbulb
    Earned by 124
    You earn this badge from your first posted idea, thanks.
  • Much Appreciated
    Much Appreciated
    Earned by 202
    Your posts has been very informative and other members have noticed this, your contribution to the community is much appreciated.
  • Responsive
    Earned by 267
    You are adding to the conversation by answering other community members , because of this we consider you a responsive user.
  • Nine daily logins
    Nine daily logins
    Earned by 440
  • Well Liked
    Well Liked
    Earned by 292
    You stuck with us and continue to contribute with meaningful posts, for this you have become well liked within the community.
  • Staying Engaged
    Staying Engaged
    Earned by 709
    You posted once and had to come back for more.
  • Eight daily logins
    Eight daily logins
    Earned by 484
  • Round of Applause
    Round of Applause
    Earned by 461
    People value your opinions and enjoy your posts, this calls for a round of applause.
  • Seven daily logins
    Seven daily logins
    Earned by 526
  • Stamp of Approval
    Stamp of Approval
    Earned by 648
    You have contributed more and people are fond of your posts so far, earning you a stamp of approval.
  • Six daily logins
    Six daily logins
    Earned by 568
  • First Topic
    First Topic
    Earned by 1,495
    You contributed to the community by starting a topic.
  • First Reply
    First Reply
    Earned by 1,888
    You engaged the conversation by writing and posting your first reply.
  • First Like
    First Like
    Earned by 1,389
    You made a great post and someone liked it.
  • One Month
    One Month
    Earned by 1,920
    You've participated on the community for a month!
  • Five daily logins
    Five daily logins
    Earned by 643
  • Four daily logins
    Four daily logins
    Earned by 730
  • Three daily logins
    Three daily logins
    Earned by 899
  • Two daily logins
    Two daily logins
    Earned by 1,275
  • Community Launcher
    Community Launcher
    Earned by 123
    You were a part of the original community launch and helped us take off, thank you kindly.
  • One Week
    One Week
    Earned by 2,496
    You've been with us for a week, what a great start!
  • Welcome
    Earned by 5,072
    You've joined the community, congrats!