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DDP Rank 10
Rank 10

Let s start this way , today i won  3 UO tournaments in my way to the main event( 2$  10$    50$ )   2 more to go , any ideeas , recommendations ??  GL HF Alll

VikingsAF Rank 21
Rank 21

There are some satellite pro's on here, which can certainly help you Smile

@triceraatopp for example, as she has been winning packages to the last few UO's it seems Tongue

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triceraatopp Rank 17
Rank 17

@DDP Its all about ICM, I would recomend you to download the trial version of Holdem resource calculator and run a bunch of spots in that so you get a hold on how much you need to adjust your ranges when it comes to satelites. What make many people struggle is that they call to loose, they defend their big blind vs opens as if it was a tournament and even more detramental, they call all ins waaaaay to wide! 

I have seen people call with the most horrible hands , but even players that are really good in normal tournaments make massive mistakes in satelites bcs they dont understand that AK in the btn vs a CO shove 2 from the money is a snap fold. 

To get an understanding of how your ranges change you hve to run the spots, there is really no shortcut to that but to get a better explanation about what icm is I suggest you check out some youtube videos Smile


DDP Rank 10
Rank 10

Thanks a lot , really good answer Smirk     GL HF  ALLL

vixere Rank 11
Rank 11

ICM is for poor people. Laugh

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