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triceraatopp Rank 17
Rank 17

@vixere Thank you for a very throughout answer! I have changed my mind since I posted that comment and definatly agree with you now Smile not sure how i was thinking  but must have lost a couple to many and got tiltes couse it made sence at the time 😳

Looking forward to seeing you again😀 missed you at this one!

Unibet Poker Expert Patric-Unibet
Unibet Poker Expert

Hi @vixere,

I think this is a fair solution, I have done your requested exchange now.

I would just like to point out that we appreciate your feedback and also your recommendations and hope you understand that customer experience is still very important for us, however you also have to understand our point of view.

We want to develop our product in a positive way and continue to step up and not stagnate, so we need to find the right balance between everything which is not always easy.

Thanks for your understanding and I hope to see you soon (even if you don't seem to be a winter sport kind of guy? Smile )


vixere Rank 11
Rank 11

Hi @Patric-Unibet,
That works for me.
I appreciate your efforts. Thank you.
Have a great day!

PS I think you know this already, but just in case:
You do know that your man Dara O'Kearney is the world's leading expert on satellite programs, don't you? Not just how to win tons of them, but how to structure them and what kind of things attract players and what makes them run a mile - you could always ask him in future. He's worked out all the angles a million times.

You could also ask your man Lappin. He knows almost as much. On the downside he's a gobshiite. Rofl

vixere * 18.7k hands
VPIP 45% | RFI 40% | 3B 21%
steal 100% | RaiseSBlimp 100%
Unibet Poker Expert Patric-Unibet
Unibet Poker Expert

That's good advise @vixere.

Will definitively consider that in the future with a great mind like Dara, David and others as ambassadors Smile

NeriPoker Rank 16
Rank 16
No offence but it's a bit of a shambles if you have those guys on board and haven't even consulted them.