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stacking communauty players to play bigger tournaments


i think it would be a nice proposal to stack community members, get a piece of the action or getting stack yourself ! in another hand that could create conflicts of interest ...but ist a big part of the game especially when playing big buy-in live tournament

that would be interesting to know what is the overall take on that subject

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If they could make a system what I saw at parttimepoker before they closed that would be interesting, but that system requires a 0-24 moderation to handle the conflicts. On the other hand, that would be +EV for a very small number of players and most of the stack hunters would be very annoying figuring out that they could keep nothing from their winning or just cents because they had MU from previous stakes. That system also requires serious investors and a smooth working player transfer system.

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@pittpitt @psrquack I can't see that ever happening here on UB, as you say, too many chances of disputes and it's not a UB thing for recreationals. Smile

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of course unibet moderator/employer had to take charge of the money/stacking...otherwise theres 100% chance of chaos

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 Or Steaking?



Or Staking, also known as paying the buy-in for other poker players?



I'm confused!










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Staking is a drama disaster waiting to happen and I doubt unibet would ever want to be involved in it. Not only should they have no interest in who wins (if they're providing the money) but also if someone else is providing the money, there will be players that don't do what is agreed or run with the money with no way of recovering it, or stakers having unreasonable claims.  The subjectivity of if someone's price is fair, or if someone is trustworthy is also is also a problem that employees of the company would probably prefer to stay away from. 

There are sites like GG I believe that implement it automatically in their software for MTT's, that takes out all the risk and awkwardness, but it's a lot of work to make and they probably have more important things to make first. 

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It's not a bad idea, but at Unibet there are too many hindrances for such procedure to run as expected.

I remember the ChipMeUp site: when it started there was a boom in staking offers. Don't know what is the current state of it or if there are similar ones which give the option of selling/buying percents of event/package.

Another option is an application to some of the reputable staking sites, but even they might be reluctant to provide €€€ when the tracking of the results would be very troublesome. And personally I find this - the last option to which one winning player might resort...

The problem is with the duration: 1-2 years. And the contract which enslaves you to some extent would feel too much like a real job, I guess. The eventual make up, the responsibility and playing with BR that don't belong to you might be detrimental to some players.

It would be nice if sites/platforms that provide staking during some online series or on a monthly basis existed.

I looked at ChipMeUp now and only PS and Party are covered properly. The last Unibet events were back in 2011, when they were still part of Microgaming.