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"Save hand" option

Would be nice if we could click replay and save a certain hand for later viewing or to show off Very Happy ... sometimes i'm recording the hand with my phone, but i don't always have the time to do this.  

If i want to review a hand i can surely see it in the history menu, but it's kind of annoying that i can't view in the replayer... So this is kinda 2 ideas in 1: either save a hand for later view in the replayer or implement a replayer in the history menu? Smile

Rank 24
Status changed to: Investigating

Hey @Sabali. Good idea, and it's something that's already planned for the future Smile

It's probably going to be more of a share functionality (if you e.g. want to share the hand on here). I can't give you a date for the release just yet.

Rank 10

link your youtube channel to unibet and upload the hand directly to youtube maybe? or just "save as .gif" ? Smile)

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Is there any news? That's a great and useful idea!

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Save or/and share nice nice pls implement Smile

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Still no any news. Teardrop

I really like that idea and need a "save hand" button. Now I'm using screenshots, but it's really uncomfortable.