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"Nice hand" option

Would be nice if we could right click on the avatar of another player and have the option to click "nice hand" ... or better, after a hand is over a "nice hand" button appears on the screen somewhere for 3-4 seconds, so every player can tell "nice hand"... and turn this somehow into a reward scheme? at 10 nice hands you get , i don't know... 1 euro sng ticket? Smile

Rank 17

I agree, I miss that sometimes.
In SNG and tournaments mostly, and a gg button at the end of SNG/MTT would be nice too.


Rank 22

It could also be used as troll when a bad hand wins. It's been discussed a few times about a Hearthstone style set of predefined chat responses but ultimately they'll be used for evil more than good.

Offering a reward for doing it just opens it up to abuse from groups of players.

Rank 21

I want this. But indeed because I want to be a bit sarcastic Very Happy