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nickname fonts/vip system for CG players

hello guys!

i registered a few months ago so i am kinda new here though quite satisfied what i found on this site.

a better (smarter) vip system would be nice to have on this site cos as a GC player i don't take advantage when getting MTT/SNG/HEXA tickets.

another thing that bothers me is the tiny font size of the player names at the tables. i play CG, 5-6 talbles at a time in tile mode and it is a struggle to identify the players. ofc i definitely want to know if i play the same guys on multiple tables. i think the same font size as the stacks have would be ok (do not need to be bold).

i hope you apply some changes according to my wishes Smile  thx forward!

yours sincerely!

Unibet Poker Expert
Status changed to: Accepted

@Bl3ss3dMMA , appreciate the feedback Smile

The table UI for desktop will be redesigned so that it looks more like the current mobile UI. Part of this change is a larger font for player aliases Smile

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i do not know how the mobile UI looks like Very Happy anyway i am very happy to hear you will make bigger fonts, thx very much!!