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every day a change on free bonus prize

Why not something when you turn a wheel lets call it Unibets Loyal Bonus Wheel Wink (or something else)  

my point is i recieve allmost nothing no deposit  not even a deposit bonus or almost never 

Sow lets make a wheel you can turn everyday en win something like : freespins 10, 20  /   freebet  5 / 10  / deposit bonus 50% - 200%  / Superfreespins /  No- deposit bonus

Just saying i like Unibet butt you get No real push for a deposit to make it only comes from 1 site and thats transfer money to us.



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Yeah man thats a great f****g idea dude right on


Rank 15

Imagine the saltiness in here when some people win more and you win nothing :P

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Some win Some lose that's the game ...

Butt if you now how to spin the slots you get rich of any bonus you get Wink

you have or you don't have it what it takes Tongue 

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Already this idea is on another site: fortune wheel.Every day you have a try to win free poker tickets and few bonuses at casino or betting.So if that other site and Unibet are almost the same why not a fortune wheel at unibet?

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hi,im also looking for a free bet,spin or game.

Recently i have only played  pokerfreerolls and for money but im bored and wanne try something else.

i cant try something else unless i deposit again and play for real money.

I wanne try bingo but not shure if i gonne like it.


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How to get a bonus  

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that other site's wheel is rigged not to give me a prize 90% of the time. Veryangry



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mate  i agree unibet use to give me free cash from time to time no deposit involved now i only get not very good deposit bonuses even though ive spent alot of money on this site