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You don't earn loyalty in a day. You earn loyalty day- by- day.

I have been a member of the Unibet Community now for 2 weeks and it is clear to me that  Unibet Community is a fantastic feature with endless possibility and i can only predict great things for the future . The Unibet Community is unique and needs to remain unique to Unibet . No other website of this type offers anything close to what has been achieved and  it is only possible to maintain with the support and loyalty of its members . Unibet Community brings people together into a social environment where they can interact with others and pass on their opinions GOOD OR BAD with a focused maintained goal of making everyone's gaming experience the best it can be. It has also become clear to me within these first couple of weeks that at its core there is a handful of members who go above and beyond with their efforts and loyalty to the Unibet Community and in my opinion they should be rewarded for it .  The Unibet Community is a great way of killing time in between poker tournaments , casino , bingo or sports betting and if it was not for the content supplied by members such as @GR1ZZL3R@livertool@psrquack@FreedoM@AndreiBN (AND OTHERS) it would not be possible

They never fail to comment on every post  in any topic by any member . If a member is looking for help ..... they will help them..

If they are looking for advice ..... they will advise them.... or even if they just want to know all about  DUCKS @psrquack (QUACK)  you can rest assured they will reply back.

 The current method used to promotion members for their loyalty is by Rank and Badges which offers better promotions to higher ranked members ..  I would have to agree that using the rank and badges system works perfectly fine at the present time when dealing with the community as a whole,  i would just like to suggest a method of rewarding the members who are a class above the rest with an little something extra  that is fair and available to all .

  I suggest a Unibet Community leader board which is available to all members each month using a simple point scoring system to determine the winners .

I was thinking of something like ::  awarding members with 1pt  for every comment , likes, posts etc .. that they make each day combined with a multiplier based on consecutive days a member logs in plays throughout the month .


  so.. first day of the month =  1pt per comment,likes.post etc with 1x multiplier ....so..... 1pt x1

second day of the month = 1pt per comment,likes,post etc with 2x multiplier ...... so.... 1pt x2

third day of month                 " " " "     " " " " "      "" " " " "      with 3x multiplier                  1pt x3

 and so on........

if a day is missed and the consecutive days is broken the multiplier reverts back to 1x 


It is a simple scoring system at best and i'm sure with the help of some members it could be improved .

All i know for sure is .... "THE CREAM ALWAYS COME TO THE TOP"

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Gonna mix in my comment aswell.

1) The extra things you get for being active is... an active community. You should be here becaue you like it here. Not because you want rewards...

If you do enough effort you will be noticed by @Jeppe-Unibet and @Ray-Unibet and you can get a little something extra, or an extra goodwill gesture here and there. I think everyone can confirm here who has been a really active member at some point.

Also other members will notice and will give stuff away to you aswell...

2) The ranking system works just fine. There are, as @WuDu mentioned, a few people who have (or had Wink ) a high rank because of posting bullHeartHeartsHeart. And bullHeartHeartsHeart is also stuff that is irrelevant for a certain topic, but still is funny (and would get good likes and ratings).

It's not because you're already rank 10 for so long that it works bad. Just do your best a bit more Wink

3) As Bonuspater mentioned, ratingbased comments are really bad and cause a negative atmosphere in a community. Having a 1 star rating a few too many times will scare of people to be active and constructive.

Conclusion: Bad idea in my opinion (and I don't seem to be the only one)

Rank 21


The ranks reflect the quality of the contributions very well, and it's pretty much impossible to "game the system" without getting banned.

Seems like not everyone got the memo:idiot.PNG


 Someone really, really wants to go to Dublin...Rofl




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Very nice! Very Happy Very Happy

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