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Unibet Open - Chose your side event

Hey there, 

For copenhagen they hosted a 'choose your own'-side event. Will this happen for the following UO's aswell?

At least, I would find it rather interesting (Maybe not for the EO, but for Bucharest for sure.)

I would love to see some more special games like the 'Win the button' in copenhagen.

Maybe mixed games (PLO-NLHE) or a Dealers choice (The dealer button choses what game gets played, which can ofcourse be limited), ante tourneys, Full-bounty (So your bounty is the complete buy-in)...

Rank 22

When I asked on 2+2 this was the reply from David.

"Afaik the 'side events' will all be events already planned as part of the Wynn series. I'll confirm this next week though."

Seems like something they could do for other stops though.

Community Manager

@VikingsAF Could you explain how this would work exactly? From written in the idea description, I'm honestly not sure and I'm imagining at least a few different possibilites of what it is you're describing Smile

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@Jeppe-Unibet I'm suggesting different possibilities Tongue But the suggestion is actually something which has already been done in Copenhagen (But I think it was maybe a one-time-thing only)

The main concept: Chose your side event 

A few weeks before the shedule needs to be finished Unibet can ask on all it's channels to post suggestions for a side event. Then the most popular and realistic suggestions are put into a raffle, or there can be a poll. The winning game will be played at the following UO stop. ( @MoreTBC I know about the EO side event thing Smile That's why I said it probably couldn't be done there)

Some suggestions I gave just to have an idea.

Mixed Games: Something where the game changes every round/every level/... To make it easy I proposed a mixed game of PLO and NLHE only, because there won't be that much anime for other (less-known) games I think... But I could be wrong.

Win the button: (As played in Copenhagen) The player who won the last hand gets the dealer button, and so can start the next hand in position.

Dealers choise: A bit like the first suggestion, but now the player who has the button can chose the game. This can be limited to PLO and NLHE.

Ante tourneys: Like in the client

Full bounty: Maybe this is a bit over the top, but winning the tourney doesn't earn you anything. The full buy-in goes on your head as a bounty.


Hope I explained it clearly Smile

Community Manager

@VikingsAF You most certainly did, I wasn't sure if the "you" in "choose your won side event" pertained to the individual or group - but voting for a side event is indeed a pretty cool feature Smile