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UO €10 tickets not stacked

Wasn't able to find a bug report for this:


I have two €10 UO tickets that aren't stacked on the lobby view. Probably this is because one ticket was won from a regular €1 UO satellite, and the other one was won from the 18.15 regular freeroll.


Not sure if this happens with other value tickets too, but the area for tickets is very small and not very practical even without same value tickets not being stacked.


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It happens all the time @Purps I have 2 piles of one value and another 2 piles of another value, it seems to be the dates and how you collect them, from qualifying satties or freerolls or the exchangers.Thumbs Up They ought to be in one pile in date order imo. Wonder

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@Leo-Unibet can you check why these two tournaments are paying out TT and TPTT, instead of the same?

@Purps, in some cases it's by design, as we won't to be able to distinguish between certain tickets from a tracking perspective - even though they can be used for same tournaments, it's technically different tickets and should show separately. However, sometimes it would of course make sense with some sort of categorization, so that it'll show as the same ticket to the customer - so even though it's different ticket types, they'd still show stacked as the display would be determined by the category.

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I would like to exchange tickets, thank you in advance for approving.

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@11: 1.Please add Request here:https://www.unibetcommunity.com/t5/Unibet-Open-UK-Tour/Unibet-Open-Ticket-Exchange-Policy-2019/td-p/...

2, Please Wait (may take up to 72 hours)

3, Register to exchanger.

4, Enjoy.


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This is an "english only" forum, and this thread is about something else, but if it is a Unibet Open ticket you want to exchange to smaller ones, you can request an access to the Exchanger tournaments on this thread:


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Btw @Purps : I'm not sure €10 MTT doesn't mean a simple tournament ticket not a UO one. Then we both gave him a wrong instruction.

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I'm adding my entry to beeing an active part of community: Geek

UO4 did not stack eitherUO4 did not stack either

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Seems like not a problem of UO/MTT only Secret

Hexapro/HexoPro ticketsHexapro/HexoPro tickets

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I didnt get my secoand deposit



@Javad_watford, welcome to the Community Smile
Please feel free to open a new thread and provide a tad more information regarding the difficulties you're experiencing in order for us to be able to help you.