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Time to Promote the Community idea.

@Jeppe-Unibet @Marco-Unibet @Fredrik-Unibet

I understand that many like to play Poker and from what I see it is high activety on Poker and Sport on this Community.

What about making a Casino Tournament for only members, like Unibet Community Tournament, winner`s get a cash price , rank is upp to you but make it a average over 20 rounds, calculated based on "stake".

Also give a heads upp since many do have income\salery diffrent day in a month.

I know a loot dont approve since they are selfexcluded from Casino but hey I dont like the "poker-style" currently att Unibet....just me Wink

Anyway it would draw attention when players see that to enter a Casino Tournament you need to be a member of Community Smile

Maybe we get some fresh "blood" here to, always nice.....

If you like the idea, just hit the Like button, the more likes, the more high is the chanse it wil happen Smile

Hope all members enjoy the new yaer with new possibillity`s Smile

Rank 20

 deposit/whitdrawals method ::  ' ecopayz ' seems to be another level !

would be great to add this up on unibet

Rank 10

wwhy do not give points for you on you poker challenges-like playing spins football an so on= there other who this- when you bet you get points tiwards you callaged .i hope some one look in to this see what they can do thank you