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Tables Close Automatically switch button

Hi there, @Stubbe-Unibet @Jeppe-Unibet @ReCorpH 

I think a switch button will be OK in GENERAL settings tab to Automatically Close Tables after finish.

I think this will gonna help a lot for sng/mtt multitablers .


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Status changed to: Declined

Thank you for the idea!

Declining this one for now, as I disagree. I think it'll be confusing more than anything else, and seeing/replaying the last hand - which is quite common behavior - will be a pain. In other words; I think very few players would actually use the feature Smile

Let's see what other members think Smile

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I dig it. Infact i would add option to remove all unnecerssary clicking, closing things and notifications.

Buy few tickets from store and it is like disco from eighties.

Read message from unibet site then come to poker and you have envelope blinking which takes you to already read message.

Closing tables. Are you sure, are you really really sure.

At least for me those bring no value, more like pisses me off.

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@Livertool not sure if you've misunderstood the idea; it's not to remove confirmation dialogs but automatically close the windows when you bust Smile

Didn't really make it clear in my previous post, but it's not that I see 0 value in this, I just only see it being used by a very, very small group of SNG and HexaPro regs. Considering the value and development work, I just don't think it's a great investment when we consider the alternatives Smile

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I think you got it right, i just added few that i would personally want get rid off Smile I know what tickets i have bought, i see with what hands i get dropped out (if i miss and want to know, i can go hand history), couldn't care less if some wins some jackpot if it ain't me but it hides some information in my table...

Those are not end of the world but like said i get nothing out of them so no value for me. I can appriciate if some wants them there, therefore good suggestion to have option to click them off if player wants. Don't know how much investment value there is, just gave my thought about it which would suite me better. Opinions may vary among players and developers Smile

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For me that feature will help on downswing times...i just use that function and continue to grind.

That can help my mindset to keep grindin.