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Survivor (most of us remember it already)

Hi @Leo-Unibet  and dear community!

What about getting so-popular survivor freeroll format back to live ?

I can remember it years ago when each blind level 1/4 or 1/5 players have been eliminated! There have been up to 4 tiers to survive and each round bottom players have been eleminated away :-) very nice idea ...


Hope that many of us will gladfully played such format (freeroll, nano-buyin variant) -> maybe paid couple bonus points as a reward ? Can you think about it, please ?

Rank 22

I like the idea but I'm not sure exactly how it works @MadAdo... 

Rank 17


As far as I can remember the OLD variant was as follow:

Freeroll starting at 18:00-18:30 CEST, maximum 1000 players, 50eur guaranteed

ITM: 200 players (20%) ... 25 cents hard cash money through all places (position does not matter)

Starting stack 2000 chips, first blinds 100/200 + ante! turbo or even super-turbo structure (3-5 min levels)

Most important 'factor': each blind level, 200 players eliminated (if not yet already) ... so after first blinds only 800 players survive ... next level 600, final level 400 survivors (blinds move up each level)


So to sum it up, you need to achieve approximatelly 10.000 chips to be sure you will get paid :-) Tournament lasts no longer than 4x 3-5min (max. 20 minutes) which was pretty worthy for all bankroll builders :-) 25 cents are prety solid reward for all nano stakes players - a must play for most of them :-)

For sure this is pure push/fold tournament but key point is factor of need to survive - which was a catalyzator of game!

Rank 22

OK @MadAdo now I see, thanx for the info... sounds like a really nice idea.

Maybe we can combine my idea with the rank countdown, with your idea of a Survivor style tourney.

We could call it the Rank Countdown Survivor Series... LOL & as an added bonus, if you win a tourney, you get a bounty on your head  for the following days Tourney.

Unibet Poker Expert

@MadAdo Not bad not bad, you got me thinking.... give me some time and I will come up with something 

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Yesterday I 'survive' by using the well-known "Chip&Chair" strategy :-)

Here how it comes (I play with my son, so have no enough time for playing along him) - getting near 1/2 SB stack:






Than poker GOD say - "Hey man, you deserve it":

(3 hands later)







Managed to finished 2nd and won a ticket :-) nice to play when you have set legendary GOD-MODE :-) @Ray-Unibet  thank you for setting yesterday Very Happy

Rank 17

Well, I did not manage to BINK (@Bing__) but it was a huge battle after while ... I know how it taste to lead most of the time FT but finally a little bit more luck (or maybe even skill) needed :'( I was not sleep too good last night as far as I still 'replay' some hands in my brain.

I would like to mention 'non-standard' situation before reach the FT -> SB shoved 55BB stack to me with K7o ... well he probably want my blind but I do not throw American Airlines (or pocket rocket if you want) + I had a solid chiplead that time as well - so probably bad timing only ? Very Happy


Glad to earn couple buy-ins to my micro(nano) stakes ... thank you Ray, but my GOD-LIKE mode did not survive until end this time ;-)

Maybe I ran better next time ? For 5h battle I feel a little bit not so much satisfied Very Happy I'm greedy to win! At least, I deserve it :_)



Rank 17

@Leo-Unibet, @Stubbe-Unibet  so I'm back to this one after all yours deserved X-mas duties and maybe holidays ... is there any chance to introduce some until next Easter ?

Thanks guys for your time and making all us happy Thumbs Up Your jobs amazing! Heart

Rank 12

Would be great to see such a tournaments in the lobby Wink

Rank 17

My idea is to have at least 'some kind of' replacement for missing bounties (freerolls) as there is no as easy chance to built-up bankroll from 0 ... (full MTT grind excepted)

Rank 12

Fully agree with @MadAdo!