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Stop stalling when the tournaments goes into hand-to hand mode

Unibet, you really need to implement a thing or a new sound in the poker client platform for the times when all the tables are playing in the hand-to-hand mode.

To be more precise: there are users that  when the tournament goes into hand-to-hand mode are stalling. And frankly I dont understand them. I dont have a problem if they stall during the game. Perhaps I do that too and its probably part of the game, but...when the tournamnet goes in the hand-to hand mode?! Why?

So we need a buzzer. When a player "falls into a deep sleep" during hand-to-hand mode, we click the buzzer. Wink  

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Interesting idea. Is it similar to final table deal option at ps? Maybe if all of the table players agree client will reduce acting time to 5 seconds?

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The way hand for hand notifications works on unibet is indeed flawed. The table that is stalling will never get the notification that it's in hand for hand therefore will continue to stall. Definitly not a high priority when it comes to changes still should be on that list of chances.

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The level clock goes still up during hand for hand pause, so they play less hands and the blinds go up. There are also good chances of players higher up busting.
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Nice one guys @Efeb23@EatMoreNaga@NMPfan@psrquack

We have forwarded this to be considered and possibly implemented in the developement roadmap. Smile
Thanks for the suggestion.


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Many players seems that they are reading a book, even when it is only 2 cards..