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Speed up the timeout on first hand in poker freeroll tournaments

I've been playing some freerolls quite some lately in Unibet and to be honest it takes way too long for the first hands to be forfeited. The blind structure is what 3 or 4 minutes and on multiple occasions the first blind level is over before all the timeouts on the first hand have been through. That is the first level is done before the first hand is even played. Very Happy

Why not speed up the timeout process for the first hands in fast paced tournaments? You can join in later and press the play button when ready.

-You can surely limit this option for specific tournaments, like the regular freerolls alone if not for the tournaments that require a buy-in or community specials.
-Another option would be to shorten the registering process that people don't have time to go too far afk, let's say something like 20min or 15min in freerolls.
-I've seen some tournaments around having an option that if you are not available in the first couple of levels or like first 5minutes or something along the lines you are forfeited from the tournament and removed, that could be fine as well to the freerolls.

This is mostly problem in freerolls because of the indifference a lot of players have towards them. It's easy to just log in and register then come back later whenever you remember and try to double up with a mediocre hand while slowing down the play at start.

Perhaps even removing the bounties and adding those amounts to the prize pool could change that (0.02€ * 750 = 15€ or 0.02€ * 1000 = 20€), but it could affect the popularity it has at the moment, who knows. So perhaps that is not a favourable option for Unibet to risk on. You could always try adding bounties on after certain level of blinds to try to avoid the all in shoot up in the start of the tournaments? Could be interesting as well.

Just looking for some way to improve them while trying to find incentive to keep playing them. Smile

ps. Perhaps some think it's fine as it is, perhaps it is. It's just my take on the funny side of blind level 1 being done before hands being played and on the all in frenzy.

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I like them the way they are. A bit of time at start is np, can do something while it plays np.


Rank 13

One more improvement idea for the freerolls.

How about if you win bonus points from the freerolls instead of pre set tickets. You can currently anyways exchange the tickets to something else and this anyways causes extra job for the staff at the moment. This way it would also be easier to stack them and get a better reward from the bonus shop if you are a consistent tournament player?

Another idea for the top ones is that perhaps no general change is needed, but replace some (maybe even just one per day) of the freeroll  tournaments for "more serious" poker players who want to practise their poker skills with long blind levels and reduce the encouragement for the all in frenzy at start without bounties and them added in value to the prize pool? Smile