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Special sat tickets for regs who play most games


I know you dont want to group the sats together at the moment but have you considered a special mtt ticket that can only used for sats?

Have a criteria to use this feature like 2-3k in tickets, play through of 1k a month in sats.

If you match the criteria you can change SN/MW/UK/UO etc to this special sat ticket in its various denominations.
You shouldnt be able to use these tickets to buy into MTTs that pay out cash prizes/packages only MTTs awarding sat tickets.
(example: 50Special sat ticket can be used to play for a UO250 but cant be used to buy into the milky way)

I think this would make life easier for players and unibet staff when dealing with masses of tickets and encourage the regs to join the other sats they dont have tickets for. I would definetly play a lot more games if I had a joint ticket roll.

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Or you could do something totally crazy and buy into the target tournaments with your tickets, finish in the money and use the money you won to buy into any satellite tree you like! This concept is completely out of the box, I know, but it might be worth a try...

Unibet is subsidizing certain games for marketing reasons, I doubt, they'll be happy to give us discounts for the Supernova only to see you use those discounts playing Mr Gorsky or the Deep Space Fireball (after taking a detour playing some generic qualifier).

What would work however is if Unibet allowed us to exchange different tickets between us players at nominal value. E.g. I have a UO50 and want a MW50 and you have a MW50 and want a UO50. However an exchange like that would take a lot of work to setup up and maintain and the community guys have already their hands full with the ticket exchange as is. So maybe you'd try to score some ITM finishes...

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I can imagine a free rebuy/addon ticket for those players who play at least 60% of the possible tourney's in a month. That means if you are a regular €5 MW qualifier player then you could have a free rebuy for that tourney.

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@WuDu  How do you think I have UK/UO/SN/DSO ticket rolls. by buying into them in the first place.

Its just getting stupid at the moment trying to keep on top of multiple ticket rolls.

Your happy enough to ask for extra overlay when a game reaches its guarantee once in months but not happy if someone wants to cross over sat tickets?

Changing tickets between players would have the same result as I suggested, so how is that a better idea?

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How do you think I have UK/UO/SN/DSO ticket rolls. by buying into them in the first place.

Probably the same way I did, via tikiets and your own money.

Its just getting stupid at the moment trying to keep on top of multiple ticket rolls.

I trust you to be able to manage that. I know, it's a little annoying to sometimes count tickets by hand and to scroll through, but it's not the end of the world.

You're happy enough to ask for extra overlay when a game reaches its guarantee once in months but not happy if someone wants to cross over sat tickets?

Don't know what one topic has to do with the other, but to give you a short answer: Yes, I'm happy with that.

Changing tickets between players would have the same result as I suggested, so how is that a better idea?

No, it would not! If you have a lot of SN tickets and want to change 1*100 SN into 10*10 Milky Way, you transfer value out of the SN system into the MW system. Since the SN system is more subsidized than the MW system this would put UB at a disadvantage.

If you trade me 1*100 SN for 10*10 MW, nothing changes at all, except the names of the players playing the respective games.

To conclude, solving your issue is easy: Play out your excess tickets and finish in the money and use that money then to buy into the games you want.


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@WuDu I bow to your greater knowledge, I agree its so much better to have 24 different lots of tickets and to have overlays in multiple sat trees instead of having 1 sat tree with no overlays.



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@jonny2192 I know this wasn't your initial request in this thread, but the single sat tree can have some disadvantages as well for us as players. One very likely outcome is that this universal sat tree will have far less tournaments than the combined total of the current ones, which will lead to qualifying to less of the target tournaments, so all the things one qualifies to now, slice that half or more, because there just won't be enough chances. Similar to how having 1 uk tour final per week instead of 4 makes it far less likely that people will be participating at every leg of the tournament or them having bullets to fire to keep up with the ambassadors Haha

It's kinda pointless to have so many tickets that it's hard to manage them, if there isn't much to play them on. However them not starting can also lead to the same problem, hopefully the irish will solve the latter issue for us Clubs

As for just having universal tickets but same sattie systems, I guess the worry there is that some people might grind a high value sattie system only to move that money to another system for the finals, therefore taking out a ton of money out of the original sattie system's finals and target. Personally right now I would just grind all of them, but if I were to think of me 2 years ago, I probably would have grinded the super high value at the time uk tour satties and never played a final (assuming that the trip would cost me too much and what's the point, not knowing yet how nice the tour is) and would have used that value in other stuff. 

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1 universal sat on the week end..yes for sure !  

@WuDu Very nice idea ...but still ,if my read between the lines is correct..it will serv you better then anybody else !

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@NMPfan  I just think there are too many different sat trees at the moment and its getting a hassel to be permanetly juggling tickets, also I am wondering how long people will keep playing certain sats as it is now I can play the supernova for 3 months. It will just get to the point where there is no value in getting more tickets for the same game.

I just feel it would be better to simplfy in some way.

This thread is serving its purpose if its getting people to discuss the matter in a non sarcastic way, I always appreciate your well thought out comments.


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I think @jonny2192 is referring to specific issues of having surplus tickets and the inability of playing tournaments due to slow exchanges which has the detrimental effect of games not starting or having unnecessary overlay.

Myself and many other regs will have a large ticket balance across all systems ie ubo,sn,mw etc. I can only play 1 final per week of sn/mw as there is only 1 final.There will be a lot of ticket extension requests. It seems strange that we have a surplus that can be used to support other tournaments but is lying dormant. 

My solution would be to create tournament only bonus points. To be able to convert tix to these points, Create a type of priority system whereby certain criteria has to be met to be eligible. People enjoy the idea of being a vip of sorts and create flexibility through encouragement of play.

Foe example, to qualify for tix conversion to tournament only bonus points, 2 criteria must be met:

1. You need to play €1500 worth of tournaments per month. 

2. Must play min €250 over 3 systems.( To stop those taking advantage of a given system ie sn only as it has overlay)

People enjoy a challenge and to meet a target. Your targeting high end volume players and those that request the most exchanges and extensions plus encouraging other to move up. This should also decrease the workload for exchanges/extensions and increase the likelihood of games starting, reduce overlays etc.

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Okay I get it now, and you guys have a point. One could, just stop playing for a while a certain sattie tree if they have a surplus but then the games wouldn't start anymore if a few of the regs just decide to quit for a few months, unless they get replaced by new people, and those people don't exist yet. The age old problem of liquidity with no good solutions (doesn't hurt in other ways / easy and fast enough to implement / doesn't increase workflow / isn't abusable)

As for the tournament only bonus points being created, while it sounds simple in theory, I fear that from the perspective of a programmer working on a large project not initially designed to be flexible in every way (many simple modifications seem to require core logic modifications in the project instead of those parts being completely modular aka bad design when it comes to future proofing) it might be way too much work to be prioritized for a very very tiny niche of players. 

And the extra criteria for exchanges also requires a lot of policeing and increased support workflow for those that would request it. Idk how simple all this would be to check (without developing new tools for 10 players), I'm assuming it wouldn't be super easy tho considering how limited their options seem whenever there's an out of the ordinary request / support case ... a lot of manual work. But maybe it is easy, only the guys at unibet know. 

Don't get me wrong, many of these suggestions benefit me as well (maybe with the exception of the sole sattie tree if it would happen how I assume it would), but I'm also trying to see if they're viable from other perspectives as well. We can suggest / ask for anything, but not everything is possible or will have a good overall impact. Which is why discussion is good, to iron out everything before it happens and maybe make a better case for stuff to the people that make decisions. Unfortunately I'm way better at shooting down ideas than coming with alternative viable solutions Cheeky

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@NMPfan I was thinking the sat games themselves actually stay the same.

My idea could be done on a trial basis where there could be just a trial of a 10VIP(from pirahns idea) which could be used to buyin into any 10e sat game.

Even if in the long run if something like this covered the low end tickets (1/2/4/5/10/25) it would be a great help and I think would benefit all the sat trees in general as people would play more and the criteria could just be as simple as if ticket balance is over 3k then you can change to these vip sat tickets.

I think adding one new group of tickets wouldnt be too much of a task for relax(i could be wrong, as things I consider to be simple seem to take a long time :P ) and who would be eligble for these tickets is easy to figure out.

Hopefully as the site grows it would encourage more people to aim for the vip ticket and play more sats and then not just be for the few of us with lots of tickets.

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 @NMPfan Before anything i wish they would fix bugs because thats losing customer and without retention we get stuck in a horrible loop.

My initial thought was tournament dollars ( euros ) but that involves new programming. I believe the likes of dara and many other pros built balances this way to greater success and infinitely more play.

If a technical solution cannot be found then were left with good old common sense. That maybe harder to find than a relax developer

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@WuDu how old are you ?

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well i tough this thread was made by @WuDu...+ i know he grind sats like all the times! sorry about that