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Small changes in the client: Filter, Tabs and maybe something else ...

Q: Have an idea to make Unibet better?
A: Maybe maybe Smile

@Mynona inspired me with his post yesterday

@Jeppe-Unibet @Ray-Unibet  @Patric-Unibet I do not know when Unibet plans to introduce another version of the client or
introduce some improvements in the existing ...
but some things in the current version are sometimes ....

Examples below show some idea, specific elements in certain sections (like:
menu names, icons, elements in top filter area - this one always visible) are
just examples.
I made several different versions with the search field, an additional menu
element - it is not so important.old-example.png

for me, three tabs: All, registered, viewed / posted or tickets are more
intuitive. We can also gain space and place several filter elements in view

below a few examples made for this post:

1. Tight filter - close


2. Wide filter - closeunibet-filter-close-wide.jpg

3. Tight filter - openunibet-filter.jpg4. Wide filter - openunibet-filter-wide-expand.jpg


And 3 drafts for the tab: Registerd, Viewed/Observed and Ticketsregistered-cut.jpgunibet-viewed-cut.jpg

and Tickets from MTTs Menu, ready to go view from bonus shopunibet-tickets.jpg

what do you think ladies and gents ?

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i forgot aboout  : @GR1ZZL3R  @Merenitsu @Nestabear @CharismaMan @Dundee ... my mentors Smile

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Yes, yes, yes Smile I also think that "finished/viewed tournaments" is a waste of space, also will be hapy to see quick filter switch in that place.

Great job @pinki, don't give up Smile

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Thanks for the namecheck @pinki even if it was an afterthought.Rofl Nice to be not forgotten by everybody!

Nice work you're putting in, for me it would help to have a deep, normal or turbo filter and maybe one where you could drop re-buys and add ons, filtering out tourneys you're not interested in. Same thing I suppose.Wonder

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Option to add tournaments to 'observed / favourite' would be something awesome. Good and useful ideas @pinki I hope at least some of them will be introduced in the future Wink

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@pinki, @Patric-Unibet

I think, that Mr. PINKI deserve that design-creator gold medal for this post ! Give a man some more credit, please! Amazing job done, keep going.


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Agree with this improvements. Good work @pinki

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Top post

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for me it would help to have a deep, normal or turbo filter and maybe one where you could drop re-buys and add ons, filtering out tourneys you're not interested in. Same thing I suppose.

@GR1ZZL3RI just wanted to show that this change regarding filters, it is not big and it can make life easier for us.  what elements would always be visible in the filter is a matter of discussion.   

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I am new, I just signed up and put some money on my unibet account.

When i open my poker app or browser I c'ant see my money that I put on my account?

How can I put this money in the poker game so I can play?


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Hi @mercy this is the wrong thread for help, try Help Support and Services. How long ago did you deposit? it sometimes takes a while to appear. Rofl

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Great work @pinki, I think the filters could do with some updating.

Screenshot (1096).png 

I think there should be just a few boxes, get rid of private and local (no use at all imo) guaranteed isn't really necessary,I would have these.

Keep the Hold'em, Omaha, 6 seat and 9 seat options at the top.

Unibet Open      UK Tour      Qualifiers.

Freerolls             Flip              Community

Freeze Out         Re-buy         Bounty

Keep the buy in range bar, and show my tickets and filters. I think this covers it all.

Any thoughts anyone.Wonder




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@GR1ZZL3R or someone can provide me with the view of a mobile application... I do not use it but I have a hunch that the desktop and the mobile view are connected with each other ... but i think option with Wide filter will fit.  i dont know min-width mobile app. so i create couples drafts. but the wide version gives more options  ... for me it is worth considering  @Patric-Unibet @Jeppe-Unibet. it does not require a lot of effort and interference in the current engine...  one update should be enough Jazzhands

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@pinki  i like the fact you are trying Smile

Personally, after the post i made about the filters and having no news after 2 1/2 months, numerous bug reports made in the past on permanent problems, i give up on making suggestions and bugs report; Whats the point when i see that some recurrent problems haven't been solved after 3 years playing at unibet. (tables equilibry, blinds taken 2 or 3 times in a row, client not opening when you login 2 times in a row, etc...).  I won't make the effort anymore.

I will give you a like and i hope you get more lucky then i was though  Smile

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@Mynona there is such a possibility  Waterfall   I can create one or two threads and then I disappear Cool

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@Mynona I can see that it is frustrating at times, I love the Unibet site and ethos but it certainly lags behind others on some very basic things, hand counters, hand databases and such that seem very slow in coming. All we can do is give feedback and hope for developments,  these things take time and they have to prioritise. GeekSome of us will continue in pressing for changes, I know we are not being ignored. If we keep chipping with ideas and comments this site can become even better.Thumbs Up

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Changes looks great. What bothers me is the replay function, nothing is wrong with it only the fact that it pops up on top of the table you play and while you use the mouse to navigate trough the hand by clicking on 》 arrows your table window will come on top of the replay window when is your turn to act and you can miss click call or raise. Something that happend to me too many times. Just 2 days ago i was in a bounty tourny with a healty stack over the avarge  and around 6 ppl to bust till itm and while using the replayer my table window poped up and i miss click call a guy with more chips than me who shoved kk and i had j5o .. 

Any way to be more on the topic i think in the mobile app could be added an option to use the app vertically/portrait mode (see ggpoker mobile app) so you can play 1 handed Very Happy

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... I love the Unibet site and ethos but ...

@GR1ZZL3R  we all love the Unibet site, but does Unibet site love us?  Wonder  Happyshy


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@pinki I like everything. The fact is that I do not play through the software, because my video card is very weakWaterfall

Unibet Poker Expert

Thanks for the detailed feedback and suggestions @pinki.

I have forwarded everything and we will see what is realistic to be implemented in the future and what isn't.

Your opinions are much appreciated.


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Just seeing this - awesome work @pinki Thumbs Up

As if you're reading the regular players minds... Maybe you've been dreaming playing at Unibet after a marathon session like me or are just a visionaire seeing the big picture Cool

Just to add something: the scroll filter for the buy-ins should be fixed better as from time to time it's moving when interacting with the lobby and can't be set no matter  what values are typed or scrolled to.

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need customization on the bet slider Heart

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This idea is to add structures to the filter options in Unibet tourney lobby. 

So e.g. if we want to play deep, we can click deep, and only deep tournaments show, or turbo, only turbo etc. 



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also splitting rebuy and re enter so you can filter out rebuy/ add on but still view re enter would be pretty helpfull i guess its similar to this topic sorry if hijacking isnt the done thing i thought starting new would be worse Tongue

Unibet Poker Expert

Above two posts merged from another idea. MTT filter improvements will be part of a bigger project of improving the MTT lobby.