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Small changes in the client: Filter, Tabs and maybe something else ...

Q: Have an idea to make Unibet better?
A: Maybe maybe Smile

@Mynona inspired me with his post yesterday

@Jeppe-Unibet @Ray-Unibet  @Patric-Unibet I do not know when Unibet plans to introduce another version of the client or
introduce some improvements in the existing ...
but some things in the current version are sometimes ....

Examples below show some idea, specific elements in certain sections (like:
menu names, icons, elements in top filter area - this one always visible) are
just examples.
I made several different versions with the search field, an additional menu
element - it is not so important.old-example.png

for me, three tabs: All, registered, viewed / posted or tickets are more
intuitive. We can also gain space and place several filter elements in view

below a few examples made for this post:

1. Tight filter - close


2. Wide filter - closeunibet-filter-close-wide.jpg

3. Tight filter - openunibet-filter.jpg4. Wide filter - openunibet-filter-wide-expand.jpg


And 3 drafts for the tab: Registerd, Viewed/Observed and Ticketsregistered-cut.jpgunibet-viewed-cut.jpg

and Tickets from MTTs Menu, ready to go view from bonus shopunibet-tickets.jpg

what do you think ladies and gents ?

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Unibet Poker Expert
Status changed to: Accepted

Marking this one as accepted, as I do agree significant changes are needed in this area. Unfortunately I can't say anything about when it'll happen at this stage; as I mention above, it'll preferably be part of a bigger redesign, but there's no such on the roadmap yet (roadmap for 2020 hasn't been decided yet). 

I can guarantee that some of these things will change in 2020, either as a small separate project or preferably as part of a bigger redesign Smile