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Small 30 Day Community League

I'm posting this idea for a fellow Community member Peeps...


I have a small idea. 

Maybe a small community league 

30 Tourneys in month 

Buy-in 0.5Euro (to consider or password protected freeroll)  and rank 12+ /  or lower rank and bigger buy-in, but with 12+ one person can calculate points easily if Unibet haven't little systems for that.

quote: "Only your best 15 tournament results each month will count towards your Leader Board position. Players who do not finish in the 'paid places' will not score points."


what do you Guys & Gals think ?

Give us some feedback & critique if you will.


Rank 23

I'd love to join in @Nestabear if it's what I think of as "playable" ie decent structure and run time, none of this "smash it all in" business, either free or small stakes. Thumbs UpSmile 

Rank 21

Well, I'm in for any community poker competition and I miss the old community league(especially when we had the custom avatar as extra prize for the winner of the league)... not sure tho we can get enough people if it will be with just rank 12+ as from what I remember the old league had just around 50-60 players per tournament and that was without any restriction(the buy-in was 2 euro/ tournament).

Still, lately we had many poker tournaments from our community(like the awesome promotion we had this month when the winner of the competition will get a 2k UO package) and we have to thank @Jeppe-Unibet for that Thumbs Up 

Rank 22

@Nestabear  great idea! Cool  later i add some more ...

Rank 10


Rank 10