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Shopping of UNIBET merchandise

Just dirty speaking, but I would fall in love In Love if will have some kind of option to buy some UNIBET merchandise (like T-shirt, hoodie, cap, ...) directly via poker client SHOP or just another - is there such an option available ? @Ray-Unibet , @Jeppe-Unibet 

I didn't like going to sleep without UNIBET mark on my pyjamas any longer Rofl also there seems to be not a competition with a chance of winning some (I tried via Twitter, but seems to be one of unlucky guy ...)

Rank 14

It probably will never happen. I remember some years ago, most of brands have shops with personalized items. Partypoker, 888poker, they even had luxury cars to buy for points. I don't quite remember but it's possible that Unibet was amongst them. Of course it's more fun to buy some gadgets in exchange of points than tickets or cash, but what was the reason they stopped such a shop services? Shipping, maybe customs taxes? I don't know, but i am with your idea.

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i would love something like that aswell Smile

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It would be a good idea imo. At the moment the only way is to qualify for a Unibet Open and get a goodie bag. 

I wear my t shirt and lanyard in work and often tell people what a great place Unibet is to come and play.Cool

An option to swap your poker points for t-shirts, caps, hoodies etc would be very cool.

Rank 19

I've asked this question a few times and I think the problem comes with taxes and gifting laws between countries. It's a shame because it's an awesome idea and I would defo swap points for merch. I wear my Unibet socks quite a lot 😂