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Railing of players @ SNG's


Is there any chance of having the option to rail your friends in the community while they play SNG's? Earlier I spoke to @Paperkl1p & he was playing a SNG, he is brand new to poker... but seems to be crushing them in the SNG universe, so I wanted to watch him play & see his style of crushing it... seeing as he has railed me a couple of times when I was on a final table in a MTT.

Which was weird because I've never really had someone rail me, never mind someone I know Rofl ... but also good, because the added pressure made me perform better RoflRoflRofl

     It would be awesome if this option was available & any feedback would be much appreciated 

@Leo-Unibet @Ray-Unibet @Jeppe-Unibet 



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Hi @Nestabear ,

thanks for your feedback but I have to decline this.

We purposly don't allow railing in Cash Games, SNGs and HexaPros, only railing that is allowed is in MTTs.

We want to protect our players from being exploited, both regulars and recs. If you were allowed to rail SNGs, players could gather a lot of information and patterns and take advantage of it. For MTTs this is a different story, since the fields are bigger and people enjoy railing the final tables of bigger events.

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Thanx for the feedback @Patric-Unibet, I see why it's not done now.