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Quick MTT's with max players

So we are hearing some players complaining about the new set-up of some tournaments (mainly the falling star instead of the shooting star). But I think (also watching the amount of players who are still playing) that the change was for the better, so I'm suggesting the following.

What do you guys think of something like an event without a GTD (or a really low one) which starts every 30 minutes or so (when minimum amount of players is reached) and has a max amount of players of 60 or so. (Durning peak time you can for sure make them run with a small GTD, like a 1 euro Bounty with 25 euro GTD and 60 players max)

This reduces the play time drastically yet gives a strong structure to play with (no bingo shove fest)

It has somehwat a feeling of a SNG, yet you don't need to develop further into bigger SNG's than are offered right now.

@Leo-Unibet what do you think?

Rank 10

Sounds good!

Rank 14

Good idea  ... +1 !

Rank 17

Good idea, its in line with my request of having shorter length tournaments without being sng or hexapro.

Rank 18

Have wondered before wether this would work but my thinking was as satellites rather than having lots of scheduled  sats that may not run. A tournament type game that starts when reaching a certain number of players with a couple blind level late reg too just to boost prizepool a bit further. Could even do sats to UK tour finals for €2/€5 Euro buyin in demand.

Or Satelite SnGs that are 36/60 player format again on demand.

Or don’t cancel a scheduled sat that doesn’t start but instead have a 10 min window delay for other people to notice and join to try and get the sat started and if it doesn’t, then cancel.

Ok I’m going off topic now. I support your idea though lol

Unibet Poker Expert

@VikingsAF @MetalWolf @Mynona @hf_now @FaiDeaEmo 

Thanks for your ideas. On demand tournaments are a dificullt one with the current player base we have. It will be hard to have them to start.        


Rank 16

Could be worth tryingSmile

Rank 10

Cheers won the freeroll 25e.Ticket 5 euros.


Rank 21

@Leo-Unibet But it's not per-se on demand Smile

You just put them in the lobby with 10x BI GTD and min players required being 5.

If they don't run... Oh well then they don't. Nobody's loss. And if they run, they will defenitly reach their GTD Smile

You shouldn't be running them 24h a day, but between 1P.M. CET and 11P.M. CET starting (or possibly starting) each 15/30 minutes. (Maybe alternating Bounty/Non-bounty or PLO-NLHE)

If every four, one or two of them start that's already great Smile If players see that there is a small and quick tourney running. And they have the time at that moment to play, they will play for sure Smile

I think it's worth the try at least. Start with 1 euro's and raise the BI when it deems to be a succes Smile

Unibet Poker Expert

@VikingsAF It's not technically possible to run MTT's that starts when a minimum number of players has been reached. Unless we implement SnG's into the MTT lobby, no plans for that at this point. Thanks for bringing your idea to us. Merry Christmas!