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Qualifiers for 2 Euro tournament tickets


Considering there are a lot of tournaments with 2 Euro buy in , it would be great to have qualifiers for them.(that gives 2 Euro tickets).

I suggest to be hourly like ectual  0.20 Euro qualifiers 2TIX which have a good amount of players. 

My suggestion for buy in in 0.4-0.5 euro and as rewards 1-2TIX worth 2Euro. The structure to be same as existing 0.20 Qualifiers 2TIX.


Rank 22

@successlaw I've mentioned it very often ... especially in situation when DIRT is comming Smile

@Leo-Unibet  any optymistic news in this matter ? even with some small rake these qualifiers would be nice In Love

Unibet Poker Expert


@successlaw @pinki 

I have added some "Qualifier to €2 Ticket 4 TIX" to the schedule.

Good Luck


Rank 14

Great news. Thank you