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Private poker tourneys

Hey everybody,

today I asked an agent via Live Chat about the method of setting up private poker tourneys. She told me it was a button in the lobby/client earlier but currently it is not availabe. Could be get back those button?

Btw what is a method if I would like to organize a private poker tourney? @Ray-Unibet, @Jeppe-Unibet thanks for the answer.

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Start a HU sng same time your friend does Smile

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@jonny2192: my idea was a small freeroll for my blog readers around my 2nd year anniversary, but your option makes sense too.

Community Manager

 @psrquack I've never heard of such button being available and cannot find the chat in question, but if you want to do a freeroll for your blog readers, feel free to get in touch with Ray or myself on a possible setup Smile


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@Jeppe-Unibet: check my latest chat with Iveta today. 2, Thanks:-)

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@psrquack If successful with your freeroll, can I play if there are available spots?

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@Shoryureppa: i didn't fixthe terms yet, because i have 2 months to anniversary but I'm thinking about a wide range of participants but prizes for the really hard working players. So I think you will have the opportunity to be a part of it.

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@psrquack It would be an honor. Hopefully I don’t bust out early and make it to the prizes Rofl

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@Jeppe-Unibet so it is no problem to create invational tickets for 8-16 people and setup such freerolls ? Ie. for someone who streaming Unibet poker games on twitch ?   I have some ideas for one person on twitch to "rock" his stream ...

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@psrquack i have my duckface ready, since i have no pokerface...so where is that tikiet pleazeeeee CheekyCool give me @Shoryureppa add the table so we both survive at least 2 hands Angel

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@xdiediex1 Will be awesome to play against you. 

We can shove with 72’s and 82’s and the like Cheeky