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Poker table balancing

The algorithm on how people are changed between tables in MTT seems to very often result in one table getting most of the big stacks . For example now I'm playing a shooting star bounty tournament where one table has biggest stack at 9k chips while my table has smallest stack 9k chips. It is somewhat annoying to be 8th on the tournament and unable to cover anyone in a 6 player table (especially in a bounty tournament). So it would be cool if the algorithm could be tweaked in such a way that all tables end up with more evenly divided big stacks. I think the algorithm seems to force this kind of situations and it is not just a one time unlucky spread. Seems to happen quite often. 

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Hi @mastah4 ,

who sits at which table is completely random and not based on an algorithm or the stack sizes.

Players get moved to tables based on their position at that time and not how many chips they have or don't have.


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Doesn't seem to apply at least when creating new tables, just late registered to a satellite just before registery time closes and all 9 players at the table are new players, resulting in our table having very few total chips compared to the "old" tables. The odds of all 9 people just being randomly new players would be very very small. 

If the old tables have people who have been rebuying for 1.5 hours and then you have tables where there are only 6 people who just joined the tournament before closing it will lead to big differences in average stack sizes. 

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@mastah4 Doesn't seem to apply at least when creating new tables, just late registered to a satellite just before registery time closes 

I think you have the key there. There is alot of people that goes for the max late reg in satelites and therefore there might sometimes be no need to break any table to seat them. 

Lets say we have a 10 ticket gtd supernova satelite and there is 25 players left, that would make 3 tables of 9,8 and 8 players. If then 1 more player enter she will be seated on one of the 8 handed tables. If another one enter he will get the seat at the other 8 handed table. If then 1 more player enter there will be table breaks and rearrangements according to the algoritm. 

BUT, it will ofc take a couple of seconds, tables cant break in the middle of hands so hands will have to finish before the algoritm kicks in. 

When you max latereg a satelite you are unlikely to be the only one doing that. That means that before the algoritm kicks in there might be 10 other people entering aswell and when its time to seat you all its likely that there is for instance our situation with 3 tables, 9,8 and 8 players. Then there is no need to break any of the old tables, 1 or 2 of you get seated at the running tables and 8 or 9 of you get seated at a new table. 

If it was 5 people late reging it would require more advanced reseatings but it will.never be the case that all tables break and a completly new seatdraw happens just bcs there is a bunch of late regs. That wouldent make any sence. 

Hope you understand a bit vetter how it works now Smile