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Please remove bounties from freerolls

IMO 0.02e bounties are simply pointless. How much money can you accumulate from them? Does the best freeroll guys that are grinding every one of them make 4e a month which is a one nl4 buyin? I highly doubt that cause when i win ticket in those i make like 4 or maybe 5 bounties.

Omaha 750x0.02e=15e (adding that to the prizes, lets say with 15x1eMTT tickets would make a whooping 24 places paid as compared to only 9 now). Same with Holdem freerolls 1000x0.02=20e so 20 more paid places for example and that would be simply awesome for everyone. With 1eMTT ticket you register to some MTT and you easily can make 4-10e or more and thats really nice win made from 0. From those 0.02 you really can do nothing apart from registering to centroll. I can admit that it would be better for me personally cause i have in them a lot of top 20 places and its frustrating going away with 0 after 1h play but cmon who really need those 0.02 bounties? 

Same with every other freeroll, just add those money to paid places.

What ya think guys?

Rank 15

The bounties are fun for me Smile

Rank 10

I seriously think the bounties should be increased like the old 500 added holdem, where it was 10p per person. that was a slight incentive.

Plus bring back some free spins, they were fun.

Rank 24

I earn one ticket from every 50 freerolls. Without bounties freerollin would be pointless for me.

Rank 22

Just remove open freerolls and be done with it Smile

Ticketed freerolls like for new depositors and reward freerolls for missions are fine but the rest just suck rake payers money out the system. 

Rank 17

I dont get you guys. There is a possibility (well, i dont know if it is, lets assume it is) of having more paid places in freerolls and you rather have the chance to win 0.02 bounty per person. I just finished Omaha freeroll at 31 place which was one/two double ups before paid place (9th place) and i earned a handsome 1 bounty, where if there wasnt any we could have (again i assume Unibet would be willing to do that) 24 paid places with real value (1e is real value like i said earlier, you can play MTT with it and win 10x or more of its value). Lets say i cashout all my bankroll from the site and i start playing only freerolls, how long will it take me to accumulate something from those 0.02cents? Month, year? Cmon...

To be honest i dont even play them that often, so if it will stay like it is then its fine by me. Its just a idea that i had when i was playing one of them, i think it would make those freerolls much more interesting.

Rank 23

You could just change all prizes to 1e and that would have a similar effect. The bounty at least gives most people a little win.

I did used to really like the 1am game that paid 50x1.

Rank 24

I'm a terrible player but I've earned around 75 euro starting from those freerolls this year( I used the bounties and tickets for missions and jackpot freerolls buyin+to complete my personal challenges). So if you have enough patience you could have around €100 a year. That amount is enough for the NL4 cash or the €1 sng games. As jonny2192 wrote that freeroll was the best .Smile

Rank 18

idk if I'm remembering this right, but when they added the bounties they did not take anything out of the existing prizepools, just added this extra money. And a lot of people seemed to like this change. Also freerolls that don't have bounties, just a 100€GTD for example, get no extra benefit from not having them. The prizepool doesn't get boosted to 112.36€, it just stays at 100€. I assume if they were to remove them they would just stick with round numbers for the prizepools and the players would just miss out on the extra value just because a few players don't like them which seems silly. 

Rank 16

I've made small bankrolls €10-50 from freerolls then €1 sngs and  mtts few times when had the time and nerves Happyshy

Rank 10

I think the bounties got introduced at the same time as the mtt's with bounties, as a sort of promotion. And as said above, it added value to the total prize pool, they didn't 'replace' anything. In short, a good deal. I understand your point about having to bust a lot of players to get any kind of serious revenue, but these are still freerolls we are talking about.

Rank 17

What about changing reward structure, nevermind this 0.02 bounties? 14:00 CET 750 people and 5 places paid with 10eMTT tickets. Finishing this in the money border on miracle lol (people shove everything). With 2E its 25 paid (with 1euro 50) places and its pretty reasonable and relatively easy to get. What is easier to accumulate over 10 freerolls this one 10e ticket or 5x2e? 

Same with omaha one, change 4e tickets into 2e or maybe 1e even. Just some thoughts.

Rank 17

I just made 2e ticket.....WaterfallVeryangry



Rank 9

no i think have one bounty tourneyment a day with bounty  of 20p ahead no prize and scap oo.2 bounty of other games but still have freeroles

Rank 10

I like the bounty freerolls. No final table prizes and larger bounties are a good idea.


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Ok I see a lot of mixed opinions here. Hmm let’s see every €0.02 earned is pretty awesome to me, patience is key. It’s a very hard and fast way to build a bankroll and also learn management of it. In addition to that the discipline it takes to not just place but also convert your ticket to a profit says something. Poker at low or high stakes will always be poker. There will always be the dudes that have to manage their roll and the ones who can blow it because they can afford too. The open bounty freerolls to me is what makes Unibet fun and unique. 

“Perception is everything”

Rank 11

Bounties are ok in freerolls !

Rank 15

if ya save all your bountys you can also join th enano tours and micro mtt with buyins from 0,10 0,25 and 0,50 to make more profit ,without the bountys even it is only 0,02 i wouldnt even play the freerolls ,its fun to hunt on them even when its not much

Rank 5

I see both sides of the coin,however in my opinion I think it makes it a little bit more beneficial if you want to play an aggressive game as I have won over .20 cents in one tourney before now,like someone said before,it is just a freeroll,go crazy and take a wild ride and just try to hold one hahaha