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Playthrough stats for used-up tickets ...

Dear guys,

@Jeppe-Unibet, @Stubbe-Unibet  could we have one day an additional information about "playthrough" (PASSED/LEFT flops) also for case of used-up tickets (all of balance too low cases) ?

I end-up many times with a situation that I had somewhat 100 FLOPS left, than playing ticket on couple tables and suddenly have no idea how "close" I was once busted on some tables ... so information about "just LEFT" flops could help me have that idea and Waterfall about my another carrier unsuccess ... Is such request a BIG fish ?

"how" close was this one ?"how" close was this one ?

Rank 20

Note: you maybe object that there is no difference between having just couple flops left (close to money) and with a case of 299 FLOPS left (far away from money) ... but for all of non-bingo players there IS a difference! Thank you for understanding and keep up the good work ... Thumbs Up

Unibet Poker Expert
Status changed to: New

Moved from bugs to ideas. I'll look into how we can present all the cash ticket info in a better way, but it's unfortunately not something we can dedicate development resources to in the next couple of months.