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Personal rtp info to casino

Attention, at ease, attention, at ease Smile

It would be great to have personal rtp info to casino. I know that at least one casino has it and there you can even check your rtp for each individual slot. So it´t not impossible to do if you have know how and interest.

What do i do with that information? Absolutely nothing but it´s still interesting to see it and i would think that other Harry Slotters would agree Smile

So please Unibet, do it and stand out of the crowd that don´t do it Popeye

Carry on....

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Mariacasino, another Kindred Group company, already offer some stats like this, so the system is in place, it just needs to be implemented on Unibet as well. Maybe @Fredrik-Unibet can tell if it's something they want for Unibet as well Smile 

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great idea 

It could be ' mendatory ' for gambling site in a near future ! technology law and legislation is gettin so great it make perfect sens to get these info

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We like this idea a lot as well - so we're actually working on quite a few changes to show transparency of the games and casino play as whole, that'll also include personal RTP information Smile 

There are a lot of challenges and angles to consider regarding changes like these. E.g: With RTP being based on millions of rounds of game play, many players will see their personal RTP as much worse than the theoretical number mentioned on the slots - would that change the perception of Unibet by players as a casino that pays out lower than promised?
We've seen as lately as the last week on the community, that some players already consider us to be casino that doesn't pay out equally compared to other sites. From working with the casino team I know that this premise is completely false, but nonetheless it's a perception we know is out there with some players and it's not something we wish to strengthen. 


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Nice Smile

I wouldn´t worry about those who claim that some casino is better than other in paying players. Every casino is in that "list", in good or bad Very Happy

It usually goes like this: Someone wins huge, come to brag, post big win or just is silent. Someone who is not winning or losing, silence. Someone is losing, SCAM SITE, FRAUD, THIEVES!!!!

And when we see that personal rtp, then it is much easier to point out if that gut feeling is right or wrong and what the actual rtp is. As far as iknow, when you do enough spins, it will settle somewhere between 85%-95% although in short run it may feel that it is 50%-60% or even less.

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Good job @Livertool for giving this a push forward! Thumbs Up

Also @Jeppe-Unibet, you have any idea yet are the numbers going to be seen behind some new tab, or from casino history settings? Very nice anyway Very Happy

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@Livertool i played yesterday 72 euro at 30 ct stakes in book of ra and won not even 1 bonus round result, lost 72 euro please can i scam  site,fraud ,thieves for a few days now? and i like the idea , is it usefull not really but interesting to know it is 

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Mr Bond has licence to kill and community members licence to moan (granted by J and Ray Moneypenny), so we have to use what we got Very Happy

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@Rushbie The way I understand it, it would be a new separate tab in your account menu and would have all the details there Smile

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When it's launched, I suggest to run a community bad beat promo. Select one game every week, and the member with the worst RTP on that game (at least 250 spins) will win a huuuge prize Very Happy could be combined with "Slot of the week/month/whatever", so there's also something for the moaners Very Happy

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Not a bad idea at all @BonusPater Cool
There'd just really have to be some sort of short timeframe for it, cause even when people don't belive in it, there's always going to be someone who's run a lot worse than you Laugh 
Too long competition and no way to reach the lowest point so easy, might be harder than reaching the max Smirk But would defo cheer up the unluckiest half a lot!